7 Mind-Blowing Transformers Stories Ever Published by Marvel

Code of Hero

Dinobot ran a gauntlet of adversaries much more grounded than him, demonstrating he was still a skilled warrior, additionally that he was pitifully outmatched. In any case, Dinobot battled off the majority of the Predacons without anyone else’s input, sparing the growing human race and wrecking the Golden Disk, consequently making it so Megatron could no longer change the past.

At long last, in his last excellent monolog, Dinobot came to acknowledge one final thing: his past. He requested that the Maximals recount his story honestly—the great and the awful things he’s finished. At that time of acknowledgment, he recovered the respect he had lost in his past treachery; in his give up, he got to be distinctly one of the best legends in Transformers history.

The Transformers (Animated movie)

Trust me the way old characters were eliminated was stunning. For two seasons everybody knew that the laser blasters were inadequate. Most traumatic was the useless execution of Optimus Prime. The negative kickback rolled out Hasbro to modify the script for their GI Joe movies.

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