7 Mind-Blowing Transformers Stories Ever Published by Marvel

Everything in its Right Place

Prowl uses the sheer rationale that is not strengthened by profound quality. His ideas could actually end the War, provided the Autobots tune in. Prowl is portrayed to be numerical down to the marrow.

He reconstructs Kup’s broken personality. Kup is a free thinker legend. He is the sort of a guy, everyone would definitely give their ear to. Prowl can actually put his ideas in Kup’s mind.

Time Wars

The future and past Autobots meet surprisingly and both of them thought that the other is an enemy and hence they fight.It’s typical for superheroes to battle each other, however, it’s uncommon for Autobots to do as such. Pressures are raised considerably when it’s uncovered that Megatron and his future self Galvatron have collaborated.

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