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The Cameo of Lady Sif in Loki Recreates An Event From Norse Mythology

Loki episode 4, “The Nexus Event,” really threw us off the scent with a rampage of twists. The show told us about the history of Sylvie and how she was kidnapped by Judge Renslayer. One major detail was that the latter was herself a TVA Agent in the past. Later on, we saw Lady Sif in a cameo role when Loki was locked in a time cell. Not to brag, but we actually predicted this cameo in our video. She has not been seen in the MCU for a long time now. So, Loki and the viewers felt nice to see a familiar face especially after her mysterious absence from Ragnarok. But the cameo of Lady Sif in Loki episode 4 was more than a fun way to teach Loki a lesson. it actually recreates an event from Norse mythology. Check it out!

Cameo of Lady Sif in Loki

After Loki and Sylvie were arrested by the TVA at Lamentis, Mobius decided to punish Loki in a different way. He put him in a cell that is capable of time-loop. He chose a time where Loki would get physically hurt, and who’s better an Asgardian warrior? This is where we welcomed Lady Sif. It was really surprising in all honesty. We saw Sif angry, holding a lock of hair that Loki cut to. But this is actually layers deeply as it recreated an event from Norse mythology.

While this scene brings back a long-forgotten character, it is also a reference to Loki’s role in the myth “The Creation of Thor’s Hammer.” Unlike her MCU counterpart, Sif isn’t known for her prowess as a warrior in Norse mythology. Rather, she’s known for her beautiful golden hair. Plus, she is Thor’s wife. So in the mythology, when Loki cut Sif’s hair, Thor was naturally enraged and threatened to break every bone in Loki’s body. But being the God of Mischief, he talked his way out of it and promised to go to Svartalfheim and get a head full of beautiful hair.

Svartalfheim is home to the master craftsmen dwarves. Surprisingly, Loki lived up to the promise he made to Thor. But apart from the beautiful head of hair, he came through with a deadly spear and a perfect ship. But Loki being Loki, did not return to Asgard immediately. He stayed with the Dwarves and was up to some mischief. This mischief with the Dwarves led to the creation of Mjolnir.

How The Scene From Norse Mythology Differs From Loki Series

First, Sif isn’t Thor’s wife. Second, she is not known for her golden hair, but for her abilities as a warrior. The only common thing is here that Loki did this act simply to assume himself. Moreover, unlike Thor in the myth, Sif actually did some serious harm to Loki in this recreation. It’s not possible to count how many times Sif hit Loki, but it was enough to make him spill some truth.

In order to stop Sif from hitting him, Loki accepted something major. Firstly, he tries to talk his way out of the situation by revealing the truth to Sif and telling her that she’s a reconstruction of a past event created by the TVA. But that does not do it. She anyway proceeds to hit him in the groin. This goes on for a very long. And every time she hit him in the groin, she’d remind him that he’s meant to be alone.

Lady Sif Reminds Loki About His Nature

It’ll be easier to say that Sif’s words did a lot more damage to Loki than those kicks. Loki has only recently discovered that his mother Frigga, is dead. And he doesn’t feel good about it. Her continuous reminder to Loki of what a horrible person he is pushed Loki over the line. This made him confess to Sif that he is in fact, a horrible person and a narcissistic.

Loki agrees that he craves attention, further proving the lengths he’d go to get it. Moreover, he had just started to make a connection with Sylvie before being separated from her at the TVA. So all the times Sif said that he is meant to be alone actually hurt Loki a bit more every time she said it. Even though Loki did meet Sylvie soon after this, it didn’t last long too.

This particular iteration of the event brings back Lady Sif to the MCU. While she is set to return in Thor 4, it was nice to see her in Loki as well. Loki is streaming on Disney+, with new episodes releasing every Wednesday.

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