Is Deathstroke Off-the-Limits for Arrow TV Show?

If there is one person that Arrow fans miss the most, it has to be Manu Bennett who played the character of Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. The rumor mills are always abuzz with clues or signs of Slade Wilson returning to Star city in the future seasons of Arrow. Recently, when the episode focused on Shadowspire activities, Slade Wilson fans claimed that this might be the sign of bringing Deathstroke back in the next season. He is currently shooting “The Shannara Chronicles” for MTV.

But all speculation has been finally put to rest by Marc Guggenheim as he clarified on his tumblr page that Deathstroke has been earmarked for a live action DC property. Will he find mention in Suicide Squad movie?

In DC Comic-book universe, he is an assassin on hire who always gets his way. He is one of the most powerful figure whose powers are off the charts and he has a sword with magical blade. He could calculate every move of his opponent and then destroy him at will. In one of the DC storyline titled “Identity crisis”, Deathstroke single-handedly took care of the entire justice league. While in the TV show, he has faded into oblivion and is trapped in a maximum security prison forever.

Are you disappointed with this development? Is it time for Deathstroke fans to move on? or Should we sign a petition to bring Manu Bennett back at all costs?


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