5 Things We Probably didn’t Notice about Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore is a favorite character( to all girls undoubtedly and a few boys too). But since we are mesmerized with his eyes alone, we probably fail to notice his other character traits..”Eyes are the gateway to soul” after all.

Jealous Of Stefan’s Hair:


Not once, not twice..many a time you can find Damon talking about Stefan’s hair, in a totally unrelated situation. From “Go put on your hero hair Stefan..we have to get Elena” to “ I have to get a hero hairdo of my own”..everything points in 1 direction- Damon is jealous of Stefan’s hair and it is not open to arguments.

Stefan>=his life:


Yes, Damon Salvatore might have killed Stefan’s bff and try to harm Stefan himself many times. But if anyone dares to hurt or endanger Stefan’s life, then they have to face him first. Like any sibling, Damon thinks, only he has the right to fight Stefan..if only fights mean normal cat fights..sigh!

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