10 Movies That Were Ruined By Their Trailers

These days, the trailers for the upcoming movies are the biggest marketing tool for any studio in order to create excitement and attract more and more people to watch the movie. But sometimes these trailers tend to sell something completely different from what the movie actually is, or they tend to reveal way too much and the movie experience for the audience gets completely ruined. Here is a list of trailers that completely destroyed the movies.

The Grey

Liam Neeson’s current image in Hollywood is of an action star making remarkable movies at old age. This is what The Grey tried to cash on. Each and every marketing tool of the movie tried to sell a scene of Liam Neeson with broken glass pieces tied on his knuckles trying to take on a pack of wolves. But when the movie came out, this scene came right in the final moments of the movie and the credits started to role. There was no fight against the wolves and the audience became too angry at this false promise that the trailers tried to make.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

BvS was a rather lengthy movie but the marketing of the movie was a reason why the movie did not do as well as it could. In the third trailer of the movie, Doomsday was revealed to be the big bad and fans did not even like the way he looked. Also, the movie revealed almost every big fight scene in its marketing, and as a result it failed to make the impact it could have it Doomsday was not revealed in the trailers at all.

Justice League

Even though Justice League was a step in the right direction, people hated the fact that it turned out to be a completely different movie when it came to the theatres. Due to the change of Directors, a lot of the scenes that were shown in the trailers did not make the final cut. As a result, fans were furious and demanded the originally intended vision of Zack Snyder for this movie.

Terminator Genisys

Terminator 5 is the tip of the iceberg for the list, as the only thing that was pretty cool about the movie was the fact that John Conner was the main villain of the movie. And this was completely revealed in the trailer which ruined what little thrill was there in the movie.

Spider-Man 3

If you haven’t seen Spider-Man 3, consider yourself very lucky as you don’t have to sit through 2 hours of mess. But still, if you do wish to go through the movie at least once in order to complete your trilogy, you can just go through the trailer mentioned above. It covers every cool beat of the movie and every fight scene, so you would not need to sit through the entire movie and waste your valuable time.


The movie starring Ryan Gosling was sold to be a Fast and Furious style quick paced fun adventure, but instead it turned out to be the total opposite. It was a slow paced extremely violent flick which enraged the fans and ruined itself.

Alien: Covenant

Fans were really excited after seeing the trailers of this movie as first promotional material released for the film featured a close-up of the Xenomorph and simply featured the tagline, “Run”. Now this marketing was completely wrong as the fans thought that the film will bring back the horror that the original Alien movies had. But instead, the movie turned out to be a direct sequel to Prometheus largely, and all the scenes that involved the Xenomorph were shown in the trailers, so there was nothing new to explore in the movie except two boring androids fighting each other.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

This was yet another movie that was ruined by revealing way too much in its earliest marketing. Jack Sparrow died in the second movie, and while people knew that he was coming back, the movie did not leave much to be revealed in the movie as the excitement of how he was coming back was revealed in the trailers.

The Incredible Hulk

Even though this movie was a great attempt by Marvel Studios, it was failed by the marketing department. Since Ang Lee’s Hulk was still pretty fresh in the minds of people, someone in the marketing department decided to give out the entire movie in the trailers itself. Tony Stark’s entire cameo which should have been a surprise for the fans was given away in the promo trailers along with all the lethal parts of the movie that would have made a good impact in the theatres.

Iron Man 3

The entire marketing for the movie teased the greatest Iron Man villain ever, The Mandarin. Even though the movie became huge at the box office, fans were extremely furious by the fact that the trailers had misled them about the Mandarin and he turned out to be a mere stage actor! This alteration from the comics also enraged fans.

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