Red Hulk in Captain America 4? Marvel Has Found Their New Thunderbolt Ross

Captain America: New World Order is becoming more and more surprising in terms of the characters it is adding. It has added a villain that we presumed would go to the Thunderbolts, as that’s where a couple of other Hulk characters (the Abomination and Thunderbolt Ross) were also seemingly going to show up. But apparently, the Leader is the villain of Captain America 4, and Marvel has also added Thunderbolt Ross to this movie instead of his prominent role in Thunderbolts. Yes, there could be a Red Hulk in Captain America 4!

After the sad demise of William Hurt, it was safe to presume that Marvel might retire his character just like T’Challa. But apparently, they are continuing with a strong recast. According to The Ankler’s Jeff Sneider – appearing on The Hot Mic Podcast, Indiana Jones and Han Solo actor Harrison Ford has now taken William Hurt’s place in the MCU as he will debut in Captain America: New World Order.


Red Hulk in Captain America 4

Now, this recasting move is a pretty strong and smart one. Many would agree that the MCU should have recast T’Challa, but not doing that was also the right decision. In Thunderbolt Ross’ case, they’ve added a solid replacement with Harrison Ford, a well-respected Hollywood veteran who can do justice to any role he is in.


And we shouldn’t think that he’d just appear in Captain America 4. Now that he is back, we should presume he will also return in Thunderbolts. After all, that team takes the title of Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross. So, the Thunderbolts movie is where we could also see Harrison Ford turn into the Red Hulk. Now it will be interesting to see if he also becomes that movie’s villain.


What do you guys think of the prospect of Red Hulk in Captain America 4 or Thunderbolts? Let us know in the comments.

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