Why Mysterio Should Have Appeared in No Way Home

Ever since Spider-Man: No Way Home was announced fans were sure that we will get to see Mysterio return to follow through on his works. The ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home remains one of the biggest plotholes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. No Way Home managed to give us one of the most exciting projects from the Spider-Man solo ventures. There were many theories surrounding the movie and most of them, the more exciting ones did manage to come true. The one that didn’t come true was regarding Mysterio returning for the final entry in the Spider-Man Homecoming trilogy. Recently, concept art for the movie revealed that Mysterio’s was being considered for the narrative of the movie. Mysterio should have appeared in No Way Home. If that would have happened then we would have had our very first live-action interpretation of the Sinister Six.

No Way Home

No Way Home actually featured the largest number of villains appearing together in a single superhero movie from MCU. This was possible because of the very set of events that were struck by Mysterio around the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home. Mysterio ends up revealing Spider-Man’s true identity to the world using the Daily Bugle. Not only that, but he also puts the blame for his murder to be because of Spider-Man. After that, everything turns into pure chaos for Peter Parker and everyone around him as people actually start pointing at him. The identity crisis puts things in real danger and that actually affects his friends.


In order to find a solution for this, Peter goes to Doctor Strange so that he can make everyone forget about Spider-Man’s true identity. Doctor Strange ends up using a rather serious spell that could actually result in that but the duo ends up botching the spell. This botch-up leads to villains from across the multiverse landing into the MCU because they know about his identity. This results in five villains – Doctor Octopus(Alfred Molina), Green Goblin(Willem Dafoe), Electro(Jamie Foxx), Sandman(Thomas Haden Church), and Lizard(Rhys Ifans). That’s actually just one villain away from a possible Sinister Six interpretation.


Mysterio should have appeared in No Way Home

Recently released concept art for No Way Home actually revealed that Mysterio was actually under discussion for appearing in the movie. This means that Marvel was actually considering a chance to see the Sinister Six. There is some confusion in this concept art regarding which Mysterio this is. There were rumors that Mysterio had managed to fake his death in Far From Home. But at the same time, it could actually be a Mysterio from across the multiverse. The scene would have seen Doctor Strange going head-to-head with Mysterio in the final battle that took place on the Statue of Liberty. This is the closes that we have come to Sinister Six being brought to the screen.


Sinister Six

Mysterio should have appeared in No Way Home

Sony had started plans for a Sinister Six interpretations back in 2013 following the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. We are well aware of how desperate Sony had gotten to bring Spider-Man across multiple villains. This was seen in the case of both Spider-Man 3 and Amazing Spider-Man 2 and despite the enthusiasm, the movies failed to make it a successful narrative. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for being able to successfully bring in some of the most interesting moments from Marvel Comics to the screen. If anyone had to bring Sinister Six to the screen, MCU would be a perfect choice. There was actually a bit of disappointment considering the movie actually gave us five villains and that is actually quite close to the Sinister Six.


Even though the No Way Home narrative saw prompted possible chances for a sixth villain in the movie, it does kinda help with the narrative. If Mysterio was added into the movie it would have asked for another arc as part of the venture and that would have affected the other characters. No Way Home successfully managed to bring together this many characters together and give them a chance to have their own arc.


Spider-Man: No Way Home is now playing in theatres worldwide.

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