Spider-Man: Far From Home Had A Major WandaVision Easter-Egg

The current WandaVision arc is setup approximately 8 months apart from the Spider-Man: Far From Home. The events that are unfolding in the WandaVision storyline have been set up precisely about 3 weeks from the day everyone was brought back to existence by Bruce Banner. The event is known as the Blip – which was the 5-year term gap where half of the populace of the entire universe was snapped out of existence by Thanos during the Infinity War saga and then brought back by Bruce Banner following the same procedure and undoing everything that Thanos had done. Spider-Man: Far from Home is set in the distant future after the events of the Endgame and Tony Stark’s demise. It actually should have been no surprise knowing that in the post-credit scene we would be shown an easter egg for the upcoming Marvel offerings.

In the post-credits of the Spider-Man: Far From Home, we see Talos, the Skrull leader who had met Nick Fury during the events of Captain Marvel and another Skrull of the opposite sex transform back from Nick Fury and Agent Hill while on their way back to headquarters. During this voyage the Talos the Skrull leader, picks up his phone and face times supposedly the real Nick Fury, telling him about how he gave the glasses ‘Even dead, I am the Hero’ (EDITH) which is Tony Stark’s augmented reality, security and defense system to Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and how Peter blew it all to kingdom come while bitching to the caller about Peter asking about the whereabouts of the Avengers and him having no clue about what to tell Peter.

Finally, we see the scene cut to Nick Fury who cuts the call, without answering and seems to be resting on a beach minus the sound of the waves and the cooing of an albatross. Nick Fury advances to get up from his lounger and then the screen in front of him starts to pixelated into hexagonal shape and slowly Nick is standing facing a wall as if he just got over with his vacation while pandiculating after a big gap of relaxation and hearing Talos the Skrull leader bitch about peters actions, without giving a damn about any of it as if he exactly knew everything that had transpired on earth and was kind of his plan and his way of dealing with teaching Spider-Man to take up responsibility, witnessing the wrong use of Edith and putting an end to Mysterio was kind of his plan all along.

Nick Fury then supposedly exits his chambers of relaxation, but the interesting thing to notice is the depiction of a diagonal shape on a screen on the left of where Nick Fury was enjoying his break from work. Now the hexagon shape visible on this screen resembles the Hex in which Wanda has trapped the Westview county and its people in and also is the same diametric that show up when Darcy unearths the secret that Tyler Hayward was hiding from the team and Darcy Lewis, Monica Rambeau, and Jimmy Woo. As we learn in the WandaVision episode, Director Tyler Hayward is trying to locate the vision’s corpse by monitoring the ‘Decaying Vibranium signature’ that is emitting from the vision’s body. During his attempt of salvaging Vision’s body Director Tyler Hayward’s effort of containing the situation seems to behave blown out of proportion with the smartest and capable team members on his team question his judgment calls.

Spider-Man: Far from Home seems to have set up a pre-landing platform for the WandaVision arc by revealing a major easter egg for fans who were able to catch at the end of the post-credits scene that came up after the end of Spider-Man: Far from home. The relinquished post as the director of Sentient World Observation and Response Department (S.W.O.R.D) seems to be taken care of by Tyler Hayward, but even he seems to be reporting to someone at a higher authority.

Then the final few seconds of the post-credit scenes from Spider-Man: Far from Home, we see Nick Fury step onto a platform overlooking the outer space overlooking planet earth indicating it be the Sentient World Observation and Response Department (S.W.O.R.D)’s headquarter which is stationed in space orbiting earth. What is another very valid observation is that the crew members are a mix of humans and Skrulls working together on the Sentient World Observation and Response Department (S.W.O.R.D) space station headquarters.

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