Marvel Comics New Issue: Deadpool owns “The Avengers”?

The Marvel fans have a lot to look forward to with Captain America Civil War movie just two months away, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D TV show season 3 just resumed on ABC network.

On the comic-book front, at present, there are three different “Avengers” teams in Marvel comic-book universe, one is the main Avengers team funded by Tony Stark, another is “The New Avengers” or “Avengers Idea Mechanics” and the latest “Avengers Unity Division (believe it or not owned by Deadpool).

Deadpool is rich, Tony is poor…

So why has Tony Stark become poor or Deadpool is so rich? Why is there so many different Avengers teams? The major reason attributed to the creation of new avengers is the bitter falling out of Falcon and Steve Rogers. In the past, Steve Rogers passed the mantle to Sam Wilson who became the new Captain America; Tony Stark left the Avengers to join Guardians of the Galaxy. After the separation, Steve Rogers built Avengers Unity team comprising of old avengers, old x-men superheroes and in-humans. Deadpool bought his way through Steve Rogers team, as he is funding their operations. On the other hand, the so called main Avengers team is struggling to stay afloat as Tony Stark had to even sell off Avengers towers. The explanation given is when Iron-man was fighting alongside Guardians in space, his company Stark Industries suffered major losses and is now in absolute ruin. Deadpool is a mercenary who assassinates important people in exchange of huge cash, and almost always kill his employers too. Also, he is married to a very rich girl named Shiklah (Queen of the Underworld) whom he rescued.

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