4 Mean Machines of THANOS You May Not Know

Thanos is not only the most superior and the most badass Titanian Eternal, he is also the deadliest super-villain in the comic book universe. With massive giant built, stature and monstrosity are enough to fear the shit out of anybody in this world. With the help of bionic amplification and mystical enhancement, Thanos can augment his superpowers to a greater extent. He is a genius in advanced science and his ability to manipulate cosmic energies is just out of the world. He is an integrated indestructible monster which possesses super speed, super stamina, high durability, high intelligence, and immortality. But you might not know that besides his incredible powers, he uses equipment and transportation to easily tackle predicaments around him. So, we bring you his four ultimate starships which he uses to travel through timelines and dimensions.

 1. Space Throne

First appeared in Silver Surfer Vol 3 #34 in1990, Space Throne was a huge point of attraction which fascinated Thanos-lovers around the world. Space Throne is a huge chair which helps him travel anywhere across the universe. Moreover, it helps him travel at a greater speed than Light travel and teleportation. The throne’s cinematic appearance in ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ movie added more charm to the character.

2. Sanctuary Vehicle

Created by Jim Starlin, Sanctuary vehicle first appeared in Warlock #10 in 1975 is one of the most important space bases of Thanos. Rule my the mad Titan and dwelled with the huge race of shapeshifting aliens Chatauri, Sanctuary is a huge planetoid located far away from other planets in the Universe. This massive vehicle last appeared in Thanos Imperative #4 in 2010.

3. Dreadnaught-666


Dreadnaught-666 is one of the giant battleships created by Thanos to overtake the whole universe. Later when he realized that his powers would only help him to achieve the feet, he abandoned the ship and it was destroyed by Goddess.

4. Demeter Ship


The Demeter Ship first appeared in Cosmic Powers #1 1994. one of the lesser known ships of Thanos, the overall history all the ship is still unknown and its The last appearance but it made it to the collection of his ships.

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