Damon Salvatore

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    New Things we Discovered about Damon Salvatore

    Damon was usually predictable. Anybody threatens him or Elena- KILL!! And forget about it. Who knew Damon used to feel remorse?! Who knew Damon wants to make up to his mom?! Read more to find about the hidden facets of Damon Salvatore.. Regret There was a time when Damon felt guilty after killing people. Surprise!! Surprise!! Who would have thought?!…

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    5 Things We Probably didn’t Notice about Damon Salvatore

    Damon Salvatore is a favorite character( to all girls undoubtedly and a few boys too). But since we are mesmerized with his eyes alone, we probably fail to notice his other character traits..”Eyes are the gateway to soul” after all. Jealous Of Stefan’s Hair: Not once, not twice..many a time you can find Damon talking about Stefan’s hair, in a…

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