5 Perfect Muscle Building Foods For Body-Builders

Have you been hitting the gym hard and still not be able to get the proper shape you always dreamt of? Well, there may be lots of things you could do wrong. But, one thing you are doing wrong is eating. Gymming is not limited just to the gym. Eating and sleeping complete the circuit. Add these muscle building foods to your menu and see the difference:

Egg whites:

muscle building foods

Egg whites contain proteins. These are the best proteins you can get for muscle building. Include egg whites in your breakfast and you are good to go. Boiled eggs are the best way to consume egg whites. After you boil the eggs, separate the yellow part and eat the whites.


Chicken contains a lot of proteins and eating it on a regular basis will suffice your protein requirement. It is also low in fats. So, you need not worry about it.


With the goodness of protein, you get the benefits of unsaturated fats (the good one) as well for muscle building!

Sweet Potato:

It’s not only about Protein all the time. You need other stuff as well. Like carbs and what better than sweet potatoes. Sweet Potato is available almost everywhere and is one of the best protein rich food for the vegetarians who want to build muscles.


muscle building foods
muscle building foods

Do I need to say anything else? Isn’t the name sufficient?

Surely there are other foods as well. But there are the “must-haves” for your body after rigorous workout sessions! So, include them in your diet and see the difference.

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