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    10 Vegetarian Protein Rich Foods For Bodybuilding

    Usually, people think that non-vegetarian food is the only source of rich protein and fibres. But this fact is not true even vegetarian food items are rich in protein and fibres. Vegetarian protein sources are cholesterol-free, fat-free and high in fibre. Here is the list of top 10 vegetarian protein rich foods, which will help bodybuilders in gaining muscles. 1)…

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    5 Perfect Muscle Building Foods For Body-Builders

    Have you been hitting the gym hard and still not be able to get the proper shape you always dreamt of? Well, there may be lots of things you could do wrong. But, one thing you are doing wrong is eating. Gymming is not limited just to the gym. Eating and sleeping complete the circuit. Add these muscle building foods…

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    Diet Principles From The Iron Addict

    Wesely Silveira, aka Iron Addict, was the owner/founder of During his career, he trained 1000’s of clients, from the beginner, to the professionals in bodybuilding and power lifting at the upper echelon. His knowledge and insight into training and nutrition has been shared to millions of readers through his contributions to seven different forums. But was his. When…

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