5 New Features of WhatsApp Messenger

The world seems to be addicted to chatting and browsing all day long. After the internet was afflicted with the disease called Facebook, chatting and connecting with friends became easier. Then another revolution came into existence which over powered the Facebook fever. The era of the WhatsApp messenger came into power.

The love birds were happy, they no longer had to wait for the message pack renewals. They could chat unlimited and fight unlimited. With the upcoming of the modern messaging browser, the blue page lost its charm. Keeping it simple, the WhatsApp messenger has evolved from two ticks to blue ticks. The youngest billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg bought this messenger and that was the time where tables turned and our lives changed.

5 features of the updated WhatsApp Messenger you should know about:

Whatsapp Messenger


Whatsapp Messenger



Whether you want to admit it or no, the blue tick feature of this messenger has ruined a lot of lives. “Do you really want to break up with me?” Two blue ticks and there is a volcano eruption in the guy’s life. We have a solution to protect some of the bonds in your life. Now, you can mark a conversation as unread just as mails. Never miss a conversation and mend relations without hurting anyone.

Whatsapp Messenger



Do the constant pings irritate you from all of the group chats or personal chats? Here’s the solution to your problems. Now you can mute conversations for over a year.
Whatsapp Messenger


The messenger gives you an added advantage by keeping track of your data usage. You don’t have to go back to the operator services for the inquiry of your network data usage.

Whatsapp MessengerYou can control the pop up notifications on your chat screen. This feature gets rid of viewing the main profile page to view the incoming message.

Whatsapp Messenger



The last update of WhatsApp added a new feature, “WhatsApp Calling.” This  helps control your data usage during the voice calling process. You can control the data consumption by lowering the data usage during the voice calling. Providing you with the ease of tension free voice calling and low data usage.

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