5 Great ways to Burn more Fat today

If you’re trying to shed more fat, give these 5 great ways a try. You’ll melt off the excess fat and feel great.

Do not eat low-quality carbs at bedtime

Burn more fat

Low-quality carbs are highly processed and contain a lot of sugar. These would incorporate most bread, snacks, candies and even packed fruit juices. Having these food items before bed will result in excess fat deposit and will slow down your metabolism. Thus, the fat will not burn effectively.

Increase your lean muscle mass

Burn More fat
Lean Muscle

Having more muscle will enable your body to burn more calories even at rest. Adding some resistance training to your cardio regime daily will help you build some muscle and wrench up the metabolism.

Never stay hungry or get stuffed up

Burn More Fat
Stuffed Up

It truly is about control and moderation. Timing your meals is very important. Always eat before starving as it will cause you to eat less. Stopping after your satisfaction is very important. Do not stuff up too much.

Do more cardio

Burn more fat

Cardio is very important as it directly burns up calories. Running, Swimming and Cycling all help to burn more fat. To make cardio more effective it should be combined with weight training. Studies suggest that splitting your cardio into two or more short sessions is more effective than one long session. You will burn more fat if you split a 60-minute long session into two 30 minute sessions.

Eating high fiber food

Burn more fat
High Fiber food

It is a disgrace that most of us don’t get enough high fiber food in our daily diet. Fiber improves overall health including digestion and immune system. In addition to this, it plays a significant role in burning fat. Green vegetables and salads are rich sources of fiber. Burn more fat by eating legumes and other green food.

TIP: Do cardio and strength training on alternative days

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