20 Pictures of Sebastian Stan That Prove He’s The King of Expressions

Sebastian Stan portrays the fictional role of the Marvel comic character Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier in the Marvel movies. He is hot and one of the most handsome hunks in Hollywood. Unlike his character, he is one of the funniest actors and so here we bring you some adorable pictures of Sebastian Stan that will make you fall in love with him:

1. No no, and I don’t know!


2. What A Mood!

3. He’s So Adorable!


4. Aww!

5. His Expression!


6. Tell Us!

7. He’s Such A Dork!


8. Gotcha!

9. Just Wow!


10. So Cute!

11. That’s True!


12. Just To Support!

13. LOL!


14. That Glowing Face!

15. So Proud!


16. Amazing Actor!

17. Exactly!


18. Funny AF!

19. Like, Myeuh-muh!


20. LMAO!

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