20 Hottest Pictures of Emily Blunt To Look Into

To be able to overshadow Meryl Streep at the beginning of your career sounds like fiction, but that is precisely what Emily Blunt managed to do in the movie The Devil wears Prada. Emily Blunt has come a long way since that movie and is now an icon herself. Check out some of the hottest pictures of Emily Blunt that will amaze you all:

1. Hot Mess!!


2. Sexy!!

3. Wow!!


4. Dazzling!!

5. Beauty!!


6. Gorgeous!!

7. OMG!!


8. Damn!!

9. Lovely!!


10. Mesmerizing!!

11. Talented!!


12. Sensational!!

13. White Moth!!


14. Sexiest!!

15. Hottie!!


16. Glamorous!!

17. Mind-Blowing!!


18. Spectacular!!

19. Whoaa


20. Perfect!

Did you like these pictures of Emily Blunt? In the comments below, let us know which movie of hers is your favorite.

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