Latest Wonder Woman 1984 Test Screenings Have Got Mixed Reactions

Wonder Woman 1984 Test Screenings:

WB though very big of Shazam! this year. Shazam! did not turn out to be a major success at the Box Office even though the critics totally loved every essence of the movie. That was because of Avengers: Endgame but it’s okay. They weren’t thinking big of Joker and the next thing we know, Joker may go on to become their only Billion Dollar movie this year. This won’t be the case next year. Their R-Rated film Birds of Prey will probably turn out like Shazam!, and Wonder Woman 1984 is expected to bring in the big money next year.

Real Villain of Wonder Woman 1984 Revealed

But is it right to expect Wonder Woman 1984 to actually do wonders? The first Wonder Woman movie ended up being massively profitable for WB. Having grossed $821 Million worldwide, Wonder Woman garnered a profit of $252.9 Million. With this massive success, WB took no time in green lighting their next Wonder Woman movie. It was supposed to come out a week back initially, on November 1. But then it was pushed back to June 5, 2020 to give Joker & Wonder Woman 1984 more breathing room.

Real Villain of Wonder Woman 1984 Revealed

2020 doesn’t have a lot of major Billion Dollar movies coming so WB must be looking at Wonder Woman 1984 as their Billion Dollar prospect of the year. And according to the latest reports, they shouldn’t keep their hopes as high. No amount of marketing has been done for the Wonder Woman sequel yet. WB could have fought back against Marvel at SDCC but they let them take the limelight. Now they’ll release the first trailer of Wonder Woman 1984 on December 8 at Brazil Comic-Con Experience. That’s when we’d get the first verdict of how the sequel would be.

But apparently, we’ve already got the first reactions to the film and they are mixed. A news from CBN claims that the latest screenings for Wonder Woman 1984 did not get good reactions as the viewers called the film slow & plot heavy.

“Redditors note this version of Wonder Woman 1984 received mixed reactions as some felt it came off really goofy, really campy and simple, with others offering it’s too slow and plot-heavy.”

Wonder Woman 1984 Chris Pine Patty Jenkins

Well, we cannot be sure of what it is until we see it ourselves. And obviously, test screenings are held so the Studios get to know how people are reacting to the film so the necessary changes could be made. Moreover, the first Wonder Woman movie was also called a “discombobulated mess” mid-way through development and we know how the final film turned out to be. So nothing can be said just yet. Patty Jenkins managed to deliver a great film the last time and we should trust that she’d be able to replicate that success, if not make Wonder Woman 1984 even better than its predecessor.

Wonder Woman 1984 Steve Trevor

Recently, IGN posted the description of the footage they got to see for Wonder Woman 1984. And it does seem quite interesting to say the least. Here’s what they wrote:

“Much of the footage appears to be set in Washington DC. We see a shot of Diana and Steve Trevor walking in front of the Washington Monument. Diana is wearing a white, Greek goddess-inspired dress and reaches out to caress Steve’s cheek. Her voice-over narration mourns, “I can almost see it, like a beautiful dream.”

That narration would seem to suggest this is a dream sequence of some sort, though the footage itself looks real enough.

Wonder Woman 1984 Chris Pine Patty Jenkins

A second scene lends more credence to the idea that Steve Trevor is alive and well and not just a figment of Diana’s imagination. We see Wonder Woman battling enemies inside the White House while wearing her new armor. She protects Steve from gunfire, grabs a gun and unloads it in slow-motion and pulls foes closer with her lasso. Another cryptic shot shows her whipping her lasso around to possibly deflect or redirect a bolt of lightning.”

Let’s see whether anything from this description will turn out to be in the upcoming trailer.

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