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The Origin and Powers of Cyclone Explained

While DC book readers know Cyclone, aka Maxine Hunkel, very well, she is among the relatively unfamiliar characters as far as the general audience is concerned. And that’s why this article becomes very important for those interested in Black Adam and wanting to know more about its characters. So without any further ado, let’s look at the origin and powers of Cyclone in Black Adam.

Maxine Hunkel is the granddaughter of Ma Hunkel, aka the original Red Tornado. Don’t get confused with the Android Red Tornado that was made to look like MCU’s Vision in Supergirl. This version of Red Tornado was a member of the Justice Society of America herself. Even Maxine took the name of Red Tornado when she first appeared as a superhero in Kingdom Come. But later, she chose the name Cyclone for herself.


She was a big fan of Stargirl, and joining the JSA was the best day of her life. Before that, this know-it-all metahuman used to be a bit lonely. In the comics, she realized she had wind manipulating powers as she grew older. But her character is a bit different in the DCEU. Quintessa Swindell plays the part here. And her backstory states that she was subjected to nanotechnology experimentation. That’s how she ended up obtaining her powers later on.


Origin and Powers of Cyclone

This character will undoubtedly be amazing to witness because she is an Airbender. You could get what you expected from Avatar, the Airbender right here. This area has not been appropriately tapped in superhero movies yet. The Black Adam movie has a variety of characters, with everyone having unique abilities. But Cyclone has got to be special because of the kind of powers she carries. Sure 3 of the 4 JSA members can fly, and Black Adam can also fly. But her abilities are unmatched.


Powers of Cyclone

It might sound too basic that Cyclone could just manipulate wind. But just imagine the kind of might she could possess with that. Not only can she fly herself using wind currents and cyclones, but she can also use heavy winds to make others fly. She is so powerful that she can mentally summon and project intense cyclones, whirlwinds, and tornadoes. And if she were to go rogue, she could suck the air out of her enemies. Her manipulation of air gives her super hearing abilities as she can send and gather sound waves through it.


Besides summoning cyclones and creating tornadoes, she can weaponize wind by making air blast cones that can cause much damage. She can generate force fields and turn areas into vacuum pods that don’t have air. But apart from using wind to attack, she can also use it to defend herself by creating windshields to defend against any incoming projectiles. So, I believe this character is quite overpowered. And it will be interesting to see if she has any weaknesses in the film.


Maxine Hunkell gets recruited into the JSA by Hawkman. But in the comics, she even has a cute little monkey called Frankie in the books. So, let’s wait and see when he will be added to the mix. I don’t think we’d get to see her origin story involving the Nanotech experiment in Black Adam. So to expand her story, WB would have to give us another project based on the Justice Society of America.


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