4 Characters Who Could Be The Main Villain of She-Hulk

With half of the series done, we still haven’t got our big villain to reveal. And you still cannot be sure of who the real villain is. Every week, we’ve got minor villains like the wrecking crew and hell dimension demons coming into the mix. But there’s no real intimation of the main villain as the series has been simultaneously heading in many different directions. So, we’ll look at all the clues and see who could be the big bad that She-Hulk will be taking on. Here are four characters who could be the main villain of She-Hulk.


Initially, when Titania was announced for She-Hulk, one could have presumed that a female protagonist could have a female antagonist. Then Titania appeared in the first episode, and She-Hulk knocked her down like the One Punch Man! And many of us were shocked at the length of her role. But then, actor Jameela Jamil revealed that Titania would return to make Jennifer’s life miserable in episodes 5 & 6.


And she already struck back by trademarking the She-Hulk name and suing Jen Walters for using it. But you can’t think that this conflict would last until episode 9. Since Jamil has already stated that her role will only last until episode 6, she is not the main villain. She’s just one of the antagonists involved in the show.



This demon is everywhere, and yet he’s nowhere! Marvel has been teasing us with Devil references since WandaVision! People, including me, were sure that Mephisto was coming in WandaVision, but he didn’t arrive. Then Loki and No Way Home also kept teasing every Mephisto enthusiast! And now She-Hulk has opened the doors to a demonic dimension yet again! Madisynn made a deal with a demon!


So is Mephisto coming in She-Hulk? Is he the main villain of She-Hulk? No, Mr. Feige, I will not fall into your trap again. Mephisto is not a villain; he is a sickness! And I know that Kevin Feige is the real Mephisto here, laughing at all of us after dropping yet another demon tease. But anyway, we can be sure that Mephisto is close after She-Hulk.


The Abomination

We’ll have to look at MCU’s Disney+ patterns to establish why Emil Blonsky might be the villain. Many of these Phase 4 shows have followed two significant patterns with their villains. The first of them is where the main villain is introduced at the very beginning as a supporting character. Then he or she is revealed as the big bad towards the end. That happened with Agatha Harkness: “It was Agatha all along.”


They did the same with Sharon Carter, who turned out to be the Power Broker. Eleanor Bishop, who also turned out to be a more diminutive villain, followed a similar pattern. Even Kamran in Ms. Marvel was set up to be the same kind of antagonist for the final episode. But apart from this, there’s the second pattern where the ultimate big bad comes in at the very end.


We thought that an evil King Loki would be the villain, but ultimately it turned out to be Kang. Then in Hawkeye, Kingpin was introduced as another boss villain at the very end. So, if the MCU is following the first pattern in She-Hulk, then the Abomination has to be it’s final big bad! Many have questioned his motivations, and his humility could have been a trick to get out of prison. So far, there’s no other powerful baddie who could match She-Hulk’s strength.


Main villain of She-Hulk

But the Abomination going rogue would pose a challenge for her. It will be a waste if they don’t use his immense strength in the show! He was expected to be added to the Thunderbolts lineup. But since that hasn’t happened, maybe Marvel only planned for the Abomination to be the villain of She-Hulk. Or, if they plan to recruit Emil Blonsky into the Thunderbolts at the end of She-Hulk, they could follow the second villain’s pattern to choose their main villain.


The Leader

Very recently, Tim Blake Nelson was brought back at the D23 Expo. He played Samuel Sterns back in The Incredible Hulk. And ever since then, this big-headed character has been working behind the scenes. So, just like Kang was revealed at the end of Loki and will continue in Ant-Man 3, She-Hulk could bring back Samuel Sterns, who has now turned into The Leader.


He might showcase his true villainy by manipulating the Abomination and making him go rogue. And then, he could be set up for Captain America: New World Order, just as it was announced at D23. I’d argue that Marvel has been secretly building him up all this time. First, Crossbones was after a bioweapon back in Civil War, and the one who hired him had always been a mystery. So, that could be the Leader.


Sonny Burch also had a secret benefactor who hired him to steal Hank Pym’s lab. Again, it could have been Samuel! And in She-Hulk, a mystery persona hired the Wrecking Crew to extract She-Hulk’s blood. So, this could be yet another ploy of the Leader, who probably wants to create a Hulk army of his own.

Ultimately, I want to place my bets on both the leader and the Abomination. One or both of them could be the big bad against She-Hulk!


Who else do you think could be the main villain of She-Hulk? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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