3 Hidden Secrets You Might Not Know About Superman

Superman is one of the recognizable and successful characters of DC comics. Appearing firstly in Action Comics #1 (June 1938), every fan of the character know his history. Born as Kal-El and then sent to earth, after which he was brought up as Clark Kent in the American Mid-West. DC never left any chance to improvise the character with succeeding success of the character. Today, we are counting down on three Superman secrets that you don’t know about.

 1. Clark Kent and Superman have different birthdays


Some earlier stories reveal that Kal-EL landed on earth on February 29th, while writer Geoff Johns said that Clark Kent landed on December 1st. And according to TV series Smallville, it was early in May. That’s too much of mess. Are there any other Supermans? In the silver age, DC relaunched the character with a different story and it worked well.

2. He was not born with superpowers


You may not know that the people of Krypton were powerless. As Clark Kent was penetrating through the earth’s surface and gets subjected to sun rays, a cell of Kryptonian absorbed the sun rays which gave him superpower and strength. And as he grew older, he was able to absorb sun rays and convert them into solar powers. Is there any tourism package to Krypton? Anybody?

3. Superman’s ’S’ sign


The superman ’S’ is more than just a monogram made by Clark. In 1978’s feature film Superman: The Movie, the sign was explained as a family seal of House of El and the Kryptonian glyph. In 2003, a new storyline came up in which writer Mark Waid called the sign a Kryptonian symbol of hope. With his incredible abilities and superhuman traits, reporter Lois Lane called him Superman, because he has an ’S’ on his chest. Pronounce the letter ’S’ and you can figure out another meaning. Oops!

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