Why Daredevil Has a Yellow Suit In She-Hulk

Daredevil has finally arrived at the main MCU, and we’re going to see him in a new avatar this time! He just showed up in his new yellow and red suit, and it has faced some mixed reactions from fans. Some people like this Golden tinge instead of the typical yellow. While others think that Disney is giving a lighter tone to Daredevil with this color scheme. Well, let me tell you that this is just a transition period. And this won’t be Daredevil’s final suit in the MCU. But still, there are many reasons why Daredevil has a yellow suit in She-Hulk.

Marvel has not confirmed whether they are continuing the same story of Daredevil and Kingpin or whether it is a multiverse story that would have some similarities with all the Netflix seasons. They are trying to keep things ambiguous for now. But it is easy to believe that it is a multiversal story. All seasons of Daredevil and the other Marvel Netflix characters have been pulled from Netflix to Disney+.


But still, I believe that those seasons all took place on an alternate Earth, not MCU’s main Earth-616. They are not technically canon to the events of Earth-616. That’s because multiple characters in the Marvel Netflix shows have also appeared in MCU movies. If you look at Luke Cage, in particular, it starred Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dillard. But she appeared in Captain America: Civil War as a different character. Then we had Mahershala Ali, who played Cottenmouth in Luke Cage. And now he is playing Blade in the MCU. So it would be tough to explain how Cottenmouth and Blade have the same faces on Earth-616.


Keeping them on separate Earths would allow Marvel to reuse the same actors and narrative elements that everyone liked. And recast the ones like Finn Jones, who played Iron Fist. That’s what Marvel seems to be doing because even though the same actors play Kingpin and Daredevil, we’ve noticed a few key differences in their MCU counterparts already.


Kingpin looks much more significant than he did in the Netflix shows. And he seemed to be almost as powerful as a Super Soldier. Meanwhile, Daredevil already has a different suit and vibe than he did in the previous three seasons. And the first reason for the yellow and Red suit is that Marvel wants to offer us something new. They want to make this variant of Daredevil different from the Netflix one.


Secondly, this new suit will also help sell toys and merchandise. Murdock’s homemade black suit and the old Red and Black suit were overused. So Disney has done well to give us another comic-accurate suit. Matt Murdock wore it in 1964’s Daredevil #1. It was a prototype suit as he designed it out of the boxing materials of his father, Jack Murdock, who was a professional boxer. He turned Jack’s trunks, boots, and robe into his superhero outfit. This is something he seems to have done in the MCU as well.


It brings me to my third and the most important reason to change the suit. Whether the three seasons on Netflix are canon to the MCU is yet to be confirmed. But this particular reason would stand in both situations. I believe that just like the comics, Matt Murdock’s new suit could be inspired by his father. In season 3, Benjamin Pointdexter, aka Bullseye, wore Daredevil’s red-black suit and hurt many people. He even fought several police officers and tainted the image of Daredevil.


So, Matt Murdock could not have gone back to this old suit. Instead, he has chosen a new color scheme in his father’s memory. You see, his father, Jack, was asked to lose his final boxing match against Carl Creel. But he broke his earlier agreement and defeated Creel.  He stood against corruption and set an example for his son.


And right before his final fight, he wore red and golden gear. So Daredevil’s new color scheme looks to be inspired by his father. This reason would work in a scenario where Netflix continuity is followed. Because Matt Murdock will have chosen to represent his father’s ideals after Pointdexter tarnished his superhero persona. And it would also work in a scenario where the Netflix shows are not MCU canon.


In that case, MCU’s Matt Murdock would be a variant of the Netflix version. His father might have had the same story and ending that he did in the Netflix series. But Daredevil’s story could be slightly different; he could just be starting his journey as a vigilante in the MCU. And his motivation would be to help people fight against the corrupt system as a lawyer, and as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, just like his father did.


But remember that Daredevil won’t always be sporting this same color scheme in his future appearances. After all, Disney has to sell more toys and merchandise. It has been rumored that after She-Hulk, Daredevil will begin to wear a full Black suit with some red detailing. It is another comic-accurate outfit. And it will look very close to the one he is getting in the animated Spider-Man: Freshman Year series on Disney+. He may dawn this suit in the Echo series or his show.


Are you in favor of his new suits in the MCU?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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