Kevin Feige Reveals Spiderman’s Origin in the MCU

We all know how Peter Parker became Spiderman as we have seen two of Spidey’s origin stories prior to him being introduced in the MCU through Civil War. Now the new Spidey played by Tom Holland is going to appear in his own standalone movie Spiderman: Homecoming along with RDJ’s Iron Man being featured in the movie.

Well, we surely know that the upcoming Spiderman movie will not be an origin story for the Web Slinger as it would pursue the events happening post-Civil War. As the trailers have revealed that the movie will rather focus on the origin of Vulture, the antagonist in the movie played by Michael Keaton.

When asked from Kevin Feige about the origin of the Web Slinger and where he was during the events of Marvel Cinematic Universe, this is what he said about the topic:

Spider-Man has been there in the MCU all along. He was 5 years old when Tony Stark revealed to the world that he was Iron Man. He was 9 when the Chitauri attacked New York, and years after it, he was bitten by a radioactive spider. So, when Homecoming will be released, Peter will be around 14-15 years old.

kevin feige tells about the origin of Spiderman
Kevin Feige tells about the origin of Spiderman

As it is mentioned by Feige and we all know, he was bitten by a radioactive spider and which had its effects on him, i.e. it dialled his senses to 11 and gave him superhuman strength and an ability to produce spider web. Now, what is interesting is that the spider that bit Peter was existing in Oscorp for experiments and other research. But, there has been no mentions or appearances of Oscorp in the MCU until now.

It would be interesting to see that will there be an introduction to Oscorp in Homecoming and any flashbacks of the origin will be shown, or his origin story will be slightly altered as Oscorp will not actually be introduced in the movie.

A fan theory suggests instead of Oscorp may be Peter Parker was bitten by the spider within a facility of Stark Industries and this sort of ties into the fact that Tony acts as a father figure for Peter and why he protects him.

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