20 Times Fans Created MCU’s Highest Scoring Ms. Marvel Show Memes

We’ve had 4 episodes of Ms. Marvel by now and it’s safe to say that this series feels pretty fresh for the MCU. It is deeply rooted in the comics, and yet it is totally different from what happened in the source material. That’s what people love about the MCU as it does try to stay original more often than not. Check out how some of the hilarious Ms Marvel show memes:

1. The End!!


2. WTF!!

3. Collection is Good!


4. LOL!!

5. Understood!!


6. Nooo!!

7. Literally!!


8. Oh No!!

9. Similar!!


10. Haha!!

Ms Marvel show memes

11. The Explanation!!


12. Wow!!

13. Underestimating!!


14. Very Weird!!

15. Another Bruno!!


16. Cannot Impress Ever!!

17. Another Bad Parent!!


18. Damn!!

19. Nakia, Nakia!!


20. Emotional!!

These Ms Marvel show memes are hilarious, which one made you laugh the most? Comment down your answers.

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