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20 Mary Marvel Memes From Shazam 2 That Show Fans Love Her

We recently got Shazam! Fury Of The Gods trailer, some of the key concepts featured in the movie, and fans are going crazy about it. The one thing fans are more excited about is seeing Mary in the movie. Grace Fulton is an actress who is going to portray the role. She’s a fantastic dancer as well. Check out some Mary Marvel memes:

1. OMG!!


2. Wow!!

3. Oh Yeah!!


4. Damn Right!

5. And We See Her Again!


6. Those Thighs!!

7. Love Her!


8. She’s The Cutie Pie!!

9. Copied!!


10. Hehe!!

Mary Marvel memes

11. The Queens!!


12. Always Will!!

13. What?


14. LOL!!

15. Oh Hell Yeah!!


16. Hottest One!!

17. The Best One!


18. Stop Doing It!!

19. Extreme Thirst!


20. Loved It!!

Which of these Mary Marvel memes did you like? Are you excited about Shazam! Fury of the Gods? Comment down your answers.

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