Ms. Marvel Easter Egg Creates A New MCU Endgame Plot Hole

The first episode of Disney+’s latest MCU flick, Ms. Marvel, came out last week and it had a fun surprise for MCU fans. Much like the real world, we got to see an Avengers convention in the MCU which the show’s lead, Kamala Khan, wants to visit. The AvengersCon was full of little surprises and easter eggs that made fans reminisce over pre-endgame events. It also answered many questions that we have had for a long time. But at the same time, it created some big plot holes. While some of them might get out of the way as the story goes on, this Ms. Marvel easter egg created a new MCU Endgame plot hole.

Disney+’s Ms. Marvel follows a Pakistani-American high school girl, Kamala Khan(Iman Vellani), with an obsession with superheroes. Several scenes in the first episode see her daydreaming about superheroes, especially Captain Marvel Or Carol Danvers if you will. She seems to be Kamala’s favorite superhero, given her amazingly cool cosmic powers. The first episode focuses on how much she wants to visit the AvengersCon and participate in the Captain Marvel cosplay competition. And that’s where we noticed a bunch of stuff that seemed nice fan service at first. But as we looked closer, we saw the problems.


The AvengersCon was an easter egg-filled fiesta that featured Avengers merchandise, cosplayers, and murals. While they were all good, given how we saw that Scott Lang has been doing podcasts now and narrating how the battles went down. Also, we saw how the people are finally acknowledging Natasha’s sacrifice. At the same time, we see many problems. The MCU’s people are yet to acknowledge Vision’s death and the fact that Scarlet Witch may no longer be a protagonist. Then we see them cosplay as Hulk when in the Endgame battle, we see Smart Hulk. But the biggest problem is the fact that we see girls cosplaying as Gamora. And this creates a plot hole almost as big as Thanos’ chin!



We, as the audience, have been seeing Gamora since 2014’s Guardians of the Galaxy, over in space. But MCU’s people have no clue about her existence, before or even after Endgame’s events. So how do people know about her and her physical appearance when they haven’t even seen her ever. The obvious answer seems like Scott Lang’s podcast, Big Me Little Me, which also explains why people think Ant-Man was involved in the NY battle. But that can’t be the case because if you go over the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, Scott Lang never physically met Gamora. Because she died long before the Guardians arrived on the Earth!


New MCU Endgame Plot Hole

So, if not him, who would tell the people about Gamora, her heroics, and how she looked. There are some theories that involve Rocket narrating his adventures with Gamora and the other Guardians. This could explain how Scott knows about them and the fact that Rocket misses them but is not open about it lines with his character, too. But if he did, why would he deliberately get the names of his fallen friends wrong? Because if you look close enough, you see that the people know Groot as Mr. Tree and Star-Lord as Star-Boy. It is understandable if he misnamed Star-Lord as a practical joke(which is a great one, by the way) but why Groot?


At this point the only slightly logical explanation we got was from Sana Amanat, Marvel producer. According to her, people came to know about Gamora through the footage from the battle area. But that seems a desperate attempt to avoid a plot hole, which they have done multiple times in the past. This may be a nice callback to one of the greatest superhero movies of all time but it ended up as a mere continuity error. And you know how much we love pointing them out!


Did you notice this new MCU Endgame plot hole while watching? Or did we help you point that out? Do let us know in the comments.

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