Justice League: A Huge Secret About CYBORG Revealed

Justice League will be DCEU’s first attempt at getting a super team together in the film for the first time. It will also be the first movie to introduce new DCEU superhero Cyborg (if you don’t count the small cameo in Batman V Superman). Apart from Aquaman, Cyborg may be the most unknown within the team for the team but that does not encompass the comic book world, where Cyborg has been a fan favorite since his introduction.


And it seems like Ray Fisher, the actor who plays Cyborg is a big fan of his on-screen character. The actor attended a special panel at Rhode Island Comic Con where he and Gal Gadot spoke about the DC Film roles. Fisher discussed in detail his history with the character and what that entailed to his performance:

“I actually grew up watching a lot of these cartoons – a lot of the animated series. Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, all the stuff that would come onto Cartoon Network. My first encounter with Cyborg was through the Teen Titans cartoon. You know, I was in the middle of high school [when Teen Titans debuted], and I was like, ‘This show speaks to me’ because there were all of these characters going through these real teen issues while also saving the world. The extent of my knowledge was just about that.”


But like any book reader would tell you, there is no better description of a character than in its original written form. Fisher finally gave the comics a chance and started to understand the person he was playing more than just watching a PG animated show:

“Once I was cast, though, they send you a whole library of stuff about the character so I ended up being able to fall in love with the comic book version which can be very different,” he explained. “I feel like I know him like the back of my hand, but there’s always somebody who knows a little more than me about things.”

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