15 Captain Marvel Villains That Beat the Crap Out of Her

Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers was a renowned fighter pilot and a skilled espionage agent until she had her DNA fused with the Kree hero Captain Mar-vell giving her similar powers including but not limited to, nigh invulnerability, harnessing cosmic energy and creating energy constructs. She has even evolved beyond her human form and become pure energy conduit in the form of binary. But even though we have such a powerhouse woman bruiser in the Marvel Avengers, here are some Captain Marvel villains that can beat her badly:

 1. Blob

Coming from the Marvel assortments of mutants, Blob is a representation of the sin of gluttony. His mutation grants him the power of near invulnerability along with super strength and super stamina. Don’t be fooled by his big structure and size, the man can be lethal with his blows and deadly in his movements. He has fought Captain Marvel many a time and it is not always that Carol easily overcomes this Blob.

 2. Carnage

Cletus Kasady was not right in the head, he had never been right in the head, even before the voices. The voices say they came from outer space and they urge him to kill and Cletus obliges, not because he wants to, but because he doesn’t particularly mind ripping through human flesh and sometimes devouring superheroes. He has gone up against Titans like Captain Marvel and Cletus is fine, Cletus wonders when he’ll be able to tear open that lady.

 3. Deadpool

Wade Wilson is a legendary assassin, even before he received his mutation. Stryker once said, “if you did not have that mouth on you, you’d be the perfect soldier wade”. The man was right, but half of the fun is Deadpool’s mouth. After all, what is the Merc with a mouth without a mouth? The fourth wall breaking merry assassin has killed the entirety of the Marvel universe so what’s another broad with some cosmic energy and flight.

 4. Doctor Doom

Doctor Victor Con Doom is the ruler of Latveria and the primary antagonist of the Fantastic Four. He has battled many Titans, time and again. The man is mad and hell-bent on world domination. He has broken heroes before and he has rivalled Captain Marvel in a contest of both wit and pure power.

 5. Galactus

Galactus is known as the devourer of worlds. He is our universe’s waste treatment system. He eats planets for fun and then moves on to commit genocide elsewhere. He fights champions all over the universe, these fights are often futile and taken care of by his heralds. Galactus has faced off against Danvers before and he may as well do it again in the MCU.

 6. Silver Surfer

Once a champion of a world much like our little blue planet, the Surfer was a simple man who led a simple life. He had a woman he loved and a society he aspired to live in. He loved his life, more importantly, he loved her. So it was only natural that he gives himself in eternal servitude to the world eater so that his love and his planet may live on while he scours the universe for other worlds this apocalyptic beast could devour. Silver Surfer has had confrontations with Carol Danvers while both, fulfilling his duty and otherwise.

  7. M.O.D.O.K.

Captain Marvel Villains

M.O.D.O.K. is a supervillain who appears in Marvel comics. The abbreviation is for Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing, hence M.O.D.O.K. The supervillain lacks in pure physical battle prowess but makes up for it in his brilliant strategies. He has taken apart superheroes such as Captain Marvel many times and trapped entire Avengers in his vicious schemes. This is an individual Danvers needs to watch out for.

 8. Magneto

Magneto is one of the oldest antagonists in the Marvel comics (both figuratively and sometimes quite literally). The man leads the brotherhood of mutants and can be classified as the leader of the radical group of mutants, hell-bent on mutant rule all over the Marvel universe. His schemes are sinister and Magneto has been known to be ruthless beyond measure.

 9. Magnitron

Captain Marvel Villains

Former Kree military leader and General Magnitron is an alien of many talents. His strategic mind is second only to his evil nature and his persistence in the Captain Marvel comics. He has been a Thorne in the side of many heroes who took up the mantle of Captain Marvel including the first Kree hero Captain Mar-vell.

 10. Super-Skrull

Captain Marvel Villains
Captain Marvel Villains

Super-Skrull is a reappearing character in the Marvel comics and a constant source of conflict for Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers. The beast is not much of an issue as much as the concept is; we have seen iterations of Super Avenger like Skrulls taking over the Marvel universe in secret invasion and so on and so forth. Carol has taken down many Skrulls in her career as the Kree hero of Captain Marvel, especially due to the continuing Kree-Skrull war. The super Skrull hails from Tarnax IV which has already been destroyed by Galactus.

 11. Ultron Sigma

We all know the villain known as Ultron. He is the perfect AI created by Hank Pym in Marvel comics when he was trying g to create a protector for the human race. Instead, Pym gave birth to the most dangerous piece of software ever written. Ultron became self-aware and vowed to kill humanity because the biggest threat to humankind is humankind itself. Ultron Sigma is the fusion of Marvel comics’ villain Ultron and the mega man villain Sigma. Thai iteration was the one who battled against Captain Marvel.

 12. Annihilus

A native of the faraway planet of Arthos, Annihilus is a nihilist by nature and a ruthless tyrant by preference. He is obsessed with the idea of immortality and possessed by the idea of elongating and perpetuating his own lifespan. The creature is dangerous and viciously deadly. He has faced off against both Marvell and Carol Danvers.

 13. Blastaar

Captain Marvel Enemies
Captain Marvel Villains

This being a Thai creature of darkness, hails from the rotten depths of the negative zone. It is often that he and Annihilus find themselves at odds with each other. It is also often that they battle. Blastaar is incredibly powerful, so much so that he has overtaken most of the negative zone and the majority of the zone is under his dominion. The power of Blastaar has been feared and felt all throughout the Captain Marvel storyline.

 14. Chaos, Deity of Space

Taking a page from Greek mythology, Marvel Comics decided that the cosmic power of Captain Mar-vell could only be rivaled by a cosmic level threat. So they had ISAAC prime create the demonic miasma known as Chaos. He had almost all powers of a Chaos deity, the primordial God from the Greek mythology, or at least his appearance. Captain Mar-vell barely succeeded in averting this threat.

 15. Korvac (Captain Marvel Villains)

Captain Marvel Villains
Captain Marvel Villains

Korvac was a resident of the 31st century who became an enemy to the Guardians of the Galaxy. The man continued to press his luck and gained untold power from the world ship of Galactus. He then fought the Guardians and travelled back in time to become an enemy for the Avengers. Captain Marvel has fought against Korvac more than once and this entity should not be taken lightly in the midst of battle.

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