Is Ms. Marvel More Powerful Than Captain Marvel?

The third episode of Ms Marvel is finally out and it sheds some new light on Kamala’s origin. While many were thinking that Kamala’s power source was the bangle or that it activated her Inhuman gene, Marvel changed it to something else entirely. MCU’s Kamala might have the same problems as her comic counterpart, but their powers and origin vary vastly. However, the interesting thing about this new origin is that it can put Ms Marvel at a power tier above Captain Marvel, the strongest Avenger(arguably) and superhero Kamala idolizes. So, is Ms Marvel more powerful than Captain Marvel, let us find it out?

Ms Marvel’s newest episode, Destined, started after the cliffhanger ending of the last episode. The show finally revealed what makes Kamala special, starting with revealing the history of her great-grandmother. As the show revealed, Kamran, his mother, Aisha, and their group are the exiled residents of the Noor Dimension. They belong to a clan of beings known as the Clandestine or as humans called them, Djinns. The Djinns, who have a rich history in pre-Islamic folklore, are categorized as demons who can shapeshift between humans and animals. Since Kamala inherited Aisha’s genes, as evident from her powers, she is a Djinn herself.


This is in contrast with what many fans expected Kamala to be, an Inhuman, just like in the comics. However, the writers seem to have changed this up a little. And this little difference can mean a whole lot of difference in the power levels of MCU’s Kamala and the comics’ Kamala. By making Kamala one of the Clandestine, MCU might be hinting toward something big about her future. Maybe even the fact that she is stronger than the all-powerful Captain Marvel herself. And to understand that here is all you need to know about the Clandestine.



The Marvel comics don’t have many storylines revolving around the Djinns. However, Clandestines are something that many readers know a lot about. The Clandestine is a race of beings, originating from a single mother, Elayth. Now Elayth is a Djinn herself who is the power source of all the Clandestine. She is currently trapped in Yden, a magical city hidden in the mountains of Iran. Her powers grant each of her family members immortality among different kinds of powers. So, there is a chance that Kamala might be one of them.


What’s special to note about these immortals is that they are very different from the Eternals. They are humanoids, created by the Celestials. As for the Clandestine, they are a race altogether. They are mystical beings, who derive their powers from their Godmother, Elayth. Also, the power levels among them vary differently as not all of them can use Elayth’s power to the extent as the others.



However, MCU has made some of their changes in this too. According to Najma, when a Clandestine has a human baby, they can use their powers from the Noor Dimension but they have to unlock them first. For Kamala, the bangle helped her unlock her powers. Similarly, Najma commented that someday, Kamran might find something like the bangle to unlock his too. Circling back to Kamala who now has unlocked the powers of the Djinn inside her, is going to be one of the most powerful superheroes in the MCU. This is, of course, based on the fact that the MCU adopts the Clandestines as in the comics without much change in their power levels.


Is Ms Marvel More Powerful Than Captain Marvel

But if they do it, this would mean that as Kamala grows up and becomes more experienced, she might be more powerful than the superhero she worships, Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. And to prove that, there are a lot of factors to be considered. For instance, Elayth needs to be as powerful in the MCU as she is in the comics. Then, Kamala has to have a big percentage of her power to stand up in front of Danvers, all by herself. Only then would she be a force to reckon like we predict her to be.


Do you like the new and improved Ms Marvel? Or do you still like the underpowered version of the character in the comics? Do let us know in the comments.

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