New Rumor Suggests Marvel is Eyeing Breaking Bad Actor for Doctor Doom  

There are a few actors who are almost on the brink of being cast in the MCU. Keanu Reeves, John Krasinski, and Giancarlo Esposito are among those actors. Henry Cavill would’ve also been in the same league but he is back as Superman now. So, that might have lowered the possibility of him playing an MCU role. But anyway, the same cannot be said for the Breaking Bad actor, Giancarlo Esposito. He might be the closest to landing a deal with Kevin Feige and co. He has turned into Hollywood’s go-to guy when a cynical & threatening villain is required. And for that very reason, he is also in the league for playing Marvel’s next big villain, Doctor Doom.

His involvement with the MCU hasn’t been confirmed yet, but he himself has put it out there that he is very interested in working with Marvel. Right when FarCry 6 was announced and his involvement in it was revealed, he was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight. He was asked about the rumors of his role in a future Marvel film, and here’s what he had to say:

“Well there’s been all these rumors about being with Marvel, I want to work with those guys. I put it out there all the time. I haven’t created any of those rumors, but I worked years ago with Louis D’Esposito, who’s one of the guys at Marvel, back when he was doing Cotton Club and I was doing Cotton Club, he was the First AD. What they do is fantastic, and I want to do something enduring with them… I think the Marvel world would be, likely, the next step for me…”

Marvel is Eyeing Giancarlo Esposito For Doctor Strange

Since he has already been working with Disney by playing the big villain in The Mandalorian Season 1 & 2, it is obvious that he has good working relations with them. So naturally, Disney & Marvel might be considering him for an MCU role as well. We’ve heard in the past that he might turn out to be Marvel’s Professor X, Magneto or even Norman Osborn. But a new scoop from Mikey Sutton says that he is being eyed for Victor Von Doom.

Marvel is Eyeing Giancarlo Esposito For Doctor Strange

The following scoop written by industry insider Mikey Sutton has been brought forward by the YouTube Channel, Everything Always. Here’s what Sutton wrote about Doctor Doom with regards to Giancarlo Esposito:

“He is a walking tragedy. His face so distorted that it’s covered by an iron mask which has become permanently attached to his flesh. The horror of Doctor Doom was missing from Fox’s interpretations of the character, neither of which were well received by fans. Doom requires gravitas in the form of an award winning actor that can pull off his powerful presence and high intelligence. As the Fantastic Four is in its infancy stage of development, ideas have now circulated as to who can possibly play doom in the MCU. Recently, express posted a spec piece stating that Giancarlo Esposito would make a fine Doom, and there have actually been discussions (yet not with Esposito directly) at Marvel Studios about such a possibility.

According to my sources, Marvel Studios is envisioning Doom closer to OG Darth Vader, coming full circle as Vader was often viewed as being inspired by Doom, since George Lucas was an avid comic book fan (especially Marvel’s). Let’s not forget Lucas produced Howard the Duck, the first movie about a Marvel Comics character. Doom in the MCU will be mysterious as they won’t want his face shown before his accident. They’re going to keep the role very close to the comic book character. It will be in the mold of a Thanos or even a Killmonger, where his worldview occupies the great Twilight zone between good and evil. And of course as the Dictator of Latveria, Doom will do everything to protect the people under his rule.”

Marvel is Eyeing Giancarlo Esposito For Doctor Strange

It seems that Marvel is looking for an older & well-established actor to play Doctor Doom, who will be a recurring villain in the MCU. Giancarlo Esposito would be great for the role. But he is already playing 3 villains in 2019 (Better Call Saul, The Mandalorian & The Boys). Will the fans want to see him as a villain that’s even bigger than all these characters? That is the question we need an answer for. Tell us your opinion in the comments down below.

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