5 Most Evil and Terrifying X-Men Villains

We all know what a phenomenal series X-Men is. Be it their superpowers or the plots that the series have developed or be it the real life issues that the show discusses indirectly, the representation of the minorities, the show has been nothing but great. but the thing that makes any super her show the best is its villains. And so is the case with the X-Men series. The series has had some great villain, not all of them are mutants or have superpowers but are simple pure evil. here is a list of some such villains:


Just look at this guy, he actually is a demon and when have you ever thought or heard of a  demon being one of the good guys.  If that’s not enough one must know this that to remain in this dimension Azazel creates his children. He beds Earthly women who bear him kids who then become his anchor to the planet and the dimension.


She was born around 10,000 B.C. This mutant-controlled her entire tribe so that they could sacrifice themselves to keep her young. She joined the Hellfire Club, the villains of x men when she came to New York. Since then she’s been a phenomenal for of the team.

William Stryker

William Stryker is someone whom all X-Men fans know by now. The infamous military guy and the head of the Weapon-X  programme who believed that all mutants were sent buy Satan to destroy humanity and had made various plans to eradicate them.

Mister Sinister

He was once a human but has been doing experiments on himself and has turned himself into a mutant. He now has hape shoifting abilities and has been alive for centuries. Obsessed with Cyclops, he has been manipulating him throught his life. He created a clone of Jean in order to manipulate Cyclops so as to continue his experiments on their son.



The first person supposedly to possess mutant powers on Earth, he was born in Jordan. He wanted to bring an end to the humans with the help of his 4 horsemen. He reduced cities to ash and made the streets fill with corpses.

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