X-Men Villians

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    20 Hilarious X-Men Movie Villains Memes That Will Make You Giggle

    The X-Men franchise is full of so many Superheroes and Villains (Mutants) that it is almost impossible to keep a count of them. There are some really lethal villains present in the X-Men Universe that all the heroes are afraid of. Here’re some of the funniest X-Men movie villain memes that will make you laugh out loud: Lol! OMG! Nailed…

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    5 Most Evil and Terrifying X-Men Villains

    We all know what a phenomenal series X-Men is. Be it their superpowers or the plots that the series have developed or be it the real life issues that the show discusses indirectly, the representation of the minorities, the show has been nothing but great. but the thing that makes any super her show the best is its villains. And…

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