Why Thor Has Both Blue Eyes

Thor: Love and Thunder ragnaroked the world with its first teaser. It made us wait for a long time and we still got a very small teaser but hey! it was totally worth the wait. Thor looks beautiful, Taika Watiti is pure magic. He knows how to handle this quirky colorful universe of Thor perfectly, But it’s needless to say that the teaser has raised some questions. We still don’t know how Christian Bale’s Gor comes into the mix, or who is Valkyrie going to marry, among many other things. But the thing that the internet is fixated on is the color of Thor’s eye. How, or rather why Thor has both blue eyes again?

Thor started off with blue eyes in 2011’s first Thor movie. And, naturally, the color of his eyes stayed the same throughout. His eyebrows didn’t stay blonde after the first movie and we accepted that. But why would the eye color change? It won’t make sense right? Well, Thor: Ragnarok did something crazy to make that happen. First, Thor summoned Heimdall so, his eyes’ color changed when he was connected to the Asgards’ gatekeeper. But, then Hela damaged one of his eyes. He became like his father until Rocket Raccoon gave him a fix in Avengers: Infinity War, he got a new prosthetic eye that came out Rocket’s a$$! and the color of the eye was brown. And for the rest of the film. he roamed around with one brown eye and one blue eye.


This color scheme was then followed in Endgame as well. So naturally, it should have been followed in Thor: Love and Thunder too, right? but apparently, this hasn’t happened. After the new trailer, the internet has gone nuts as Thor magically has both blue eyes again. He still has a scar that he got from Hela. But the blue eye is back, how is that possible? Does Thor have some magical ability to regrow his blue eyes? That cant be possible, right? Or else both Odin and Thor would have used it in the past.


Why Thor has both blue eyes

I believe that there could be a couple of simple explanations for the eye color change. The first of them is during his space travel. Thor could have got his hands on a cybernetic eye that had the same color as his other eye. That would make sense. It would allow Chris Hemsworth not to wear any lens as he did in Infinity War and Endgame. But this is not the case, then maybe Hemsworth was not asked to wear any lens. And a brown-colored eye would just be added in post-production.


But why spend so much money on CGI when Chris Hemsworth could have easily worn a lens as he did in past? Well, I believe he didn’t wear a lens on the sets. It’s just Marvel playing with our minds like they do by removing characters from their teasers. Even the aforementioned shot probably has one or two characters missing. In the same way, they are creating a fake conspiracy with Thor’s eye. Hemsworth wore a brown lens but the color was changed digitally to blue just for this trailer so people could start talking about it. And in the final cut, we will only get to see a brown eye. It’s either this or my first explanation which suggests that Thor got a new Cybernetic eye.


What do you guys think about why Thor has both blue eyes again? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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