Moon Knight and Thor 4 Introduce 2 New Gods As Strong As Odin

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen its up and downs over the last couple of years. This pandemic era hit this media giant the same as everyone else. Major MCU projects in the making had to deal with halted productions and delayed schedules. Some movies like the Black Widow had to shift to an OTT release because of the COVID-19 restrictions. But the MCU has bounced back in spectacular fashion. Their latest TV show Moon Knight is making waves across the internet. Moreover, the latest trailer for Love And Thunder has also managed to garner a lot of attention. Interestingly, both Moon Knight and Thor 4 have more in common in each other than you would think.

For instance, both are about people blessed with incredible strength, people who need to introspect about who they are if they want to utilize that strength properly and judiciously. While Thor himself is a God, Moon Knight Steven Grant/ Marc Specter consistently interacts with Gods and uses their power to accomplish the right thing. It seems that the worlds of both these franchises carry a very similar tone. This tone of divine mystery and grandeur is the driving force behind these stories. It is the reason why the fandom is so obsessed with powerful beings like Odin and Hela. Well, the fans should know that both Moon Knight and Love And Thunder are introducing Gods more powerful than Odin.


Moon Knight And Thor 4

Odin was the all-powerful All-father in the MCU, up until his demise in Ragnarok. Until that movie, it was thought that Odin was nigh undefeatable and that his existence is a threat to many evil forces. This theory was proved to be right when Hela attacked Asgard immediately after Odin’s death. well, her first movie was to destroy his brothers in battle and then take over Asgard but who’s keeping score. Regardless, things quickly escalated after Odin’s death. With the introduction of the God Killer in Love & Thunderwe expect to see some gruesome deaths of the Gods.


Moon Knight and Thor 4

Since Moon Knight has already introduced the Ennead and hinted at the existence of Ra and Love And Thunder is introducing Zeus we can say that the major forces are gathering. If Gorr wants to make a mark in this MCU then killing a God will not be enough. He would want to slay a God-King, someone whose death will demoralize an entire pantheon. Zeus and Ra are the perfect candidates for this endeavor. In all fairness, so is Thor but it might be difficult to kill him since there are two of him now. Moreover, Hemsworth’s Thor will be back in shape and would wield the same power through which he opposed the infinity stones.


Such a powerhouse who hosts such audacious power cannot be easily killed. Gorr will have to create confusion and tension. He would have to distract our hero to take advantage of him. Then it will be up to Jane Foster’s The Mighty Thor to defend the Gods and their homes. It all depends on what Gorr does. But the presence of these powerful gods in the MCU is a hint that something sinister is brewing below the surface.


Ra And Zeus

Sun God Ra is the king of the Egyptian Gods and he rules the Sun. He can also summon and combine with Amun and Atum. Zeus, on the other hand, is the God of lightning and the sky, he is also the king of the Greek Gods. Both of them are blessed with incredible power. But if they were to fight in the MCU then Zeus would emerge victoriously. The reason for this is simple. Zeus is not limited by the capacity of his Avatar while MCU’s Ra is. The MCU versions of Egyptian Gods live in the Overvoid and interact with humanity only through their Avatars.


This means that they are not able to use their full power in this realm. On the other hand, Zeus is free to let loose his entire strength. This puts Ra at a distinct disadvantage and ensures the victory of Zeus.

Let us know what you think about these Gods in Moon Knight And Thor 4 down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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