Marvel Does A Gender Bender In Doctor Strange

Marvel Cinematic Universe can be credited for bringing different aspects of the superhero genre. It has introduced heroes within the realms of Earth, Space and beyond. It has reasoned in scientific facts about how Captain America or The Hulk have existed and reasoned how a Norse God called Thor could exist in the far off universe. Now it will delve into the magical and mystical aspect of the super hero genre with the upcoming Doctor Strange. 1470780548050
Doctor Strange, the comic, has featured a mythology that predates back to the times when science did not exist. The character The Ancient One, teaches his students to become the Sorcerer Supreme. The Ancient One is also depicted as being male, very Asian and everything Tilda Swinton is not.

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The actress Tilda Swinton, who has been an acclaimed actress on top of being an Oscar winner took on the role of the Ancient One amidst the controversy of racism and sexism. Marvel explained the choice by saying that the character could be depicted as being a fluid character and it was not the fault of Swinton. The actress, in an interview with ScreenRant explains her character in detail:

” This is the launch of the Doctor Strange film interpretation, of — in my view — a classic, which has been interpreted many times by other graphic artists and this is just our graphic interpretation of The Ancient One.I would say the whole approach is about a kind of fluidity. There are many graphic artists who have interpreted The Ancient One as a Tibetan Buddhist Lama, we’re kind of shifting that a bit. We’re trying not to be fixed, we’re trying not to be fixed to any one thing, any one gender, any one spiritual discipline, and any one race even; we’re just trying to wing it beyond that. So it’s a new gesture really, just another interpretation.”


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