Thor 4 Needs To Fix This Thor Insult Trend That Began With Endgame

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been growing at a stupendous pace. We have got a slew of new characters and factions in the native universe. Simultaneously, the studio has also thought it proper to introduce us to the multiverse. This has caused the already full MCU to start to burst at the seams. Don’t get us wrong, being able to meet new characters and new variants of old characters is a wonderful way to keep things fresh. Our only problem is that it has the effect that is the exact opposite of character growth in some cases. Take Thor for example. Up until Infinity War, he was the strongest Avenger. But then, Endgame came out and we got a new Thor insult trend.

Chris Hemsworth Hulk Hogan

You see, Thor had been struggling with losing his kingdom, his father, his brother, and his people in Infinity War. He could not even use his powers to the full extent because he did not have Mjolnir as a conduit anymore. This meant that the character was going through a period of darkness. His mental fog was almost too overpowering. But instead of succumbing to despair, Thor decided to do the thing he was best at, he decided to fight! To this end, Thor traveled to Nidavellir and forged a new weapon that had the capability to annihilate The Mad Titan himself. This weapon was called Stormbreaker and it was said to be a weapon fit for the kings.


Fix This Thor Insult Trend

Thor The Dark World were movies with a lot of flaws and the fans have made it a point to make them known over the last decade. We thought that Thor’s character development was finally done in Infinity War when he got the hammer. But boy, were we wrong. After losing to Thanos and killing him in Endgame Thanos lost all will to fight. Hence, our greatest hope and most powerful soldier in Infinity War turned into a depressed gamer in Endgame. Thor was relegated from the position of the most powerful Avenger to become little more than comic relief in Endgame.


Thor insult trend

This is the Thor insult trend. We wouldn’t have called it a trend but the thing is that Marvel did the same thing with the character in What If. The party Thor episode shows us the future if Loki was never adopted. It is revealed that Thor would have been even more irresponsible if that were the case. He would have been a party animal and completely shirk his kingly and princely duties. We fear that the MCU might be trying to subtly tell us what their plans are for Thor.


Let me clarify. After looking at Love And Thunder’s promotional material, we think that the vibe of the movie is creepily similar to the Party Thor episode. Moreover, Waititi has already pointed out that this movie will be more light-hearted than previous Thor movies. It is supposed to be a fun ride even if it is about serious issues like celestial genocide. We know that Gorr is a serious threat but we can be sure that MCU will not let go of their comic shenanigans, and neither should they.


The Future

All we ask is that they don’t make Thor the butt of all the jokes as they have been in recent appearances in the MCU. This Thor insult trend is good for a few laughs but hinders his character development. Fans are confused as to what to think about Hemsworth’s Thor. Is he competent enough to do things that were promised of him, that is expected of him. Or will his journey of self-discovery would lead to him handing over the mantle of Thor to Jane Foster and Mjolnir.


This is something that we will only be able to answer when the movie comes out. Until then, anything we say will only amount to speculation. What do you think about this Thor insult trend and our analysis of it? Do you agree with us? Or do you agree with the studio’s decision?

Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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