New Characters Revealed For Black Lightning Season 2

Although one might argue that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken over when it comes to the movies and other cinematic media, there is still a section of the fandom that believes that detective comics might make a comeback. Although all the evidence that exists (namely the blunders that were Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and Justice league) points to the contrary, the fans of the DCEU and the CW universe still cling on for any hope of seeing their heroes come alive on the silver screen.

The CW universe has arguably been one of the few rays of hope that the DC media houses still have to pursue their agenda of pushing DC heroes into film media. The Flash has been doing really well, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow have garnered a relatively high cult following of viewers and people refuse to quit Arrow no matter how repetitive or redundant the show gets.

Black Lightning Season 2 Characters

A recent addition to this group of ‘successful’ TV iterations of the DC multiverse was Black Lightning.  The show had a very raw vibe to it and presented a completely different outlook on the whole “superhero” system in media that we’ve grown so accustomed to. It was a given that we would see black lightning in action, I mean that was the basic premise of the show so it was not entirely possible for us to ignore the protagonists no matter how hard the writers tried, but what was so interesting (apart from the whole hood and family angle, very Luke Cageesque for DC I must say) was that the main protagonist was not the only one reeling us into the story.

Black Lightning Season 2 Characters

The entire season of black lightning focused on the hero just as much as it focused on his family and the effect on their lives when the patriarch decides to fight crime. As soon as the first season ended fans were pretty sure that the show will be renewed for a second season and it was. And now, thanks to Thehashtagshow we get the description of the new characters and this very description has been reproduced below for your scrutiny, please take a look

“Perenna”, an open ethnicity role who is somewhere between her 40s-50s. “Perenna” is a therapist who is a metahuman with telepathic powers. Her story revolves heavily around Jennifer Pierce as she will be trying to help the young Pierce daughter to understand her powers better, both physically and emotionally. “Perenna” doesn’t let any feelings or situations scare her off, so expect her to be a power player.”

 “Zlovac”, a Caucasian man in his 30s who will be teaming up with the big bad Tobias Whale. Working as a real estate developer, “Zlovac” isn’t afraid to get violent when it comes to payback. “Zlovac” was born somewhere in Eastern Europe and has a lot of experiences in his toolbox as a money launderer as well as being slick within the business.”

“Major Lowry”, which is for a male of any ethnicity between the age of 35-50. He is a big deal for one simple reason which is that he is the new principal of Garfield High School! This smart and brave individual isn’t going to have any problem with taking over for Jefferson.”

Black Lightning Season 2 Characters

“Dr. Jace”, who is potentially a version of Helga Race as TV Line predicts. “Dr. Jace” is a 40-something Caucasian woman who is incredibly smart and works as a computational chemist. Our heroes will have to make sure to watch out for this highly manipulative baddie who may or may not be a sociopath. This chemist is possibly focusing more on the ends as opposed to the means.”

“Zoe B” who may or may not get #ThunderGrace fans a little concerned. Open for any ethnicity, this 20-something young woman is social media savvy filled with confidence and edge. But the big deal about her is that she will be a new love-interest for Anissa!”

Black Lightning Season 2 Characters

So what do you think of all these new additions to the cast of Black Lightning? I for one think that the show could benefit from a couple of new faces entering the playing field. We might need some new infusion of cast considering that the character subplots from season 1 are going to become redundant soon. Which is the character that you are the most excited for? Let us know in the comments below what do you think of these new additions to the CWverse.

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