Does Doctor Strange Know About The Eternals?

Doctor Strange 2 raises all kinds of crazy questions. Even though the movie was pretty easy to understand, people still have questions about what happened to Strange and Wanda at the end and so on. One other thing that people wanna know is whether Doctor Strange knows about the Eternals. Last year, Chloe Zhao introduced us to MCU’s new heroes who fought to save Earth. The Emergence began to happen and it was the Prime Eternal Sersi who stopped it with the help of all Eternals. A news snippet later ensured that the planet obviously found out about a giant celestial head sticking out of the ocean. But still, does Doctor Strange know about the Eternals?

In fact, does anyone even know about their existence? Well, some people should have picked up upon Ikaris and Sersi when Kro attacked them in London. After all, Jack Stoss, who is the son of Phastos said that he saw Ikaris on TV. So the world should probably know about Ikaris. But maybe Doctor Strange also knows about them in particular. And there’s a well-thought theory behind it. Ajak told Ikaris that the snap of Thanos had actually delayed the Emergence. Do you guys understand the true meaning of what Ajak said?


Back in 2018, the people of Earth were really close to dying not just because of Thanos. But also because the population of the planet had almost reached the number required for the Emergence. And this was the same time when Doctor Strange willingly gave the time stone to Thanos. Tony Stark asked him why exactly he did that. And Strange replied, “There was no other way. Strange didn’t just give the stone away because of Tony’s snap! But I believe that he also gave it to Thanos because of what happens in Eternals.


We thought that he saw 14 million 604 future outcomes where the Avengers lost. And there was just one outcome where the Avengers truly won. And that’s where Bruce and Tony would save the Universe. But this is also where the Emergence was stopped by the Eternals and Strange had foreseen it. Among the 14 million 604 future alternatives, there could have been a few where the Avengers prevented the snap from happening.


There could have been a few easy ways to take out Thanos for Strange himself! Doctor Strange could have used the time stone on Thanos and turned him into a baby. Or he could have used a portal to cut off Thanos’s arm just like Wong did with Cull Obsidion. This way, the Avengers would have stopped Thanos. But in these alternate timelines, the emergence would still have happened. The Avengers would still have lost! Even the Eternals would not have stopped it because they didn’t have the right motivation to do so.


Hulk and Tony made huge sacrifices. And that’s what motivated Ajak to stop the Emergence. She changed her mind about the birth of Tiamut after seeing how the people of Earth fought for the entire Universe. So all that led to a domino effect and the Eternals ultimately stopped it. Doctor Strange must have seen this in the winning outcome. This is why there was just one future where the Avengers won. And that future was where Hulk’s snap brought everyone back and Tony’s valiance saved the entire Universe.


Does Doctor Strange know about the Eternals

So do you see now? Doctor Strange literally had no other way! He had to allow Thanos to snap his fingers so that the Universe wouldn’t just survive the blip, but Earth would also survive the arrival of Tiamut. And because he had already seen what the Eternals would do, he also did not help the Eternals to stop the Emergence.


It’s still hard to understand why nobody has interacted with any of the Eternals till now. Doctor Strange showed up as soon as he sensed Loki’s presence on Earth. So, he and Wong should have been amongst the people who would have sensed Titamut’s birth. And with their sling rings, they could have arrived at the scene within seconds. But they didn’t do that because Strange had already seen how Sersi will turn Tiamut into a stone. This is the point where he must have seen the future back in Infinity War.


So yes, Doctor Strange does know of the Eternals. This theory makes total sense to me. But what do you guys think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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