Infinity War : This Theory Explains How Doctor Strange Saved The End-game

Doctor Strange Saved The End-game:

Avengers Infinity War crashed on the Box office scene on April 27th, 2018. The movie saw the rise of Thanos as one of the most infallible villains in the industry and the Marvel Cinematic Universe combined. On the flip side, DC launched Justice League and had them battle Steppenwolf in their last team-up movie. But when you put Steppenwolf against the universe ending troll known as Thanos. The snap of Thanos’ fingers half of all life in existence and he did this with relative ease (Even if at the time of the snap the Mad Titan was impaled by the Stormbreaker). The terror-filled voice of Thor still echoes throughout a half-empty universe.

‘No no no, WHAT DID YOU DO?’ -Thor, Avengers infinity war

There was, arguably, only one Avenger in the entire movie that had any control on the situation. Only one man, one protector of earth who had any semblance of a lid on the entire matter. This man was none other than the Sorcerer Supreme himself. Strange used his abundant knowledge of the mystic arts and it was this knowledge of his that helped the Avengers put up a fight against the Mad Titan.

Doctor Strange Saved the Endgame

The most surprising aspect of the entire movie was when Doctor Strange used his prowess on the time stone to go forward in time and peruse through over 14 million and 605 possible futures. This revelation in the Infinity War redefined the stakes and the dimension of the entire movie. The very fact that Avengers only one in 1 of those 14 million and 605 alternate futures begs the fact that maybe there was no happy ending for the Avengers.

This fact gets even more substantiated when you evaluate certain things from the perspective of the sorcerer supreme. Not only is he the only one who knows how to win but he is also the only man alive who can steer the future towards that potential victory for the good guys. Maybe that is the thought process that was put behind this fan theory/ speculation over on reddit. Take a look.

A small detail I noticed in IW. Doctor strange appears to be struggling to find the right spell in order to keep them on the track to victory. If he didn’t use the right spell the path to victory may have been lost. Time stamp at 1:50. from marvelstudios

I would suggest for all the fans reading this piece to skip the video to 1:50, the speculator has been so kind as to add the timestamp in his description and the uploader was definitely kind enough to compile all the fight scenes. But the question is what is the redditor trying to suggest. Moreover, what are the consequences of this suggestion that the redditor is trying to make? Do you buy into what the redditor is trying to convey? Do you understand what is at stake here? I think most of you do, but I will iterate it in the next paragraph nonetheless.

So let’s talk about the theory part of this post. We all know that the Sorcerer Supreme is a master of the mystic arts and he is also the main user and the controller of the time gem in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The time gem is an extremely powerful singularity which grants it’s user complete autonomy over the linear flow of time.

The power of the time stone knows no bounds and can excel even further than our perception. We have seen the Sorcerer Supreme demonstrate this power once before. Specifically during the final battle of Doctor Strange. The sorcerer used all of his wits to construct a time loop to battle the biggest threat this dimension had ever faced in the form of Dormammu and his denizens of the dark dimension.

The Sorcerer Supreme did succeed in fending off Dormammu but it took him a very long time. We did not perceive it as such because the filmmakers only chose to show us excerpts of the deaths of Dr Strange rather than the futures where he simply dies and never comes back. We saw the future where Strange won not the ones where he was permanently lost. This theory is suggesting the same alternative.

The idea put forward by the original poster is that Strange was desperately looking for the right spell when fighting Thanos because if he chose to use anything else it would lead to certain doom for the Avengers, the earth, and the universe as a whole. But do you know why the Avengers will succeed and how we know that Strange did use the right spells? Because the sorcerer said this before disappearing:-

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