Doctor Strange 2 Answers Who’s Stronger Between Wanda and Captain Marvel, But…

Who’s stronger between Wanda and Captain Marvel? The answer to this question may not be as simple as you think. The MCU tried to answer it to some degree with Multiverse of Madness. After all, the film did have a scene where Monica Rambeau’s Captain marvel fought with a dreamwalking Scarlet Witch but that doesn’t count for reasons that will become clear down the line. This is a very strange conversation because Mutliverse of Madness was a plot-driven film. The movie had something different to do than just having these two colossal powerhouses pummel each other. It was a horror experience and not the formal confrontation that would satiate the fans.

It is a strange cinematic universe that we are exposed to. During Infinity War, Doctor Strange assured us that there was only one way to defeat Thanos. But in reality, the multiverse is much larger than Stephen could have ever imagined. It is quite interesting to see that Multiverse of Madness took it upon itself to question Stephen’s choice. Yes! It was a war, and yes, hard decisions have to be made. But this was not the Avengers’ only play and Steven must know that. Earth-838 is like a smack in the former Sorcerer Supreme’s face. It might have become even worse because Wanda came in and massacred the entire Illuminati, including this version of Captain Marvel. But will the outcome be different if these two battle in the MCU? Let’s find out.


Who’s Stronger Between Wanda and Captain Marvel

Power scaling in the MCU is quite tricky. Seeing as it is Marvel at the helm of the storytelling process we can assuredly say that their priorities far outweigh any character consistency they might want to maintain. Marvel is notorious for retconning its own stories and ruining its own world-building. They have a tendency to do whatever they want in order to advance the plot. This is exactly what happened in Multiverse of Madness. Wanda mowed through The Illuminati not because she is a powerful witch but because the script demanded that she be a scary monster in the scene.


who’s stronger between Wanda and Captain Marvel

Don’t get us wrong, we quite enjoyed the gruesome death scenes. But there is something seriously wrong with killing off Captain Marvel by simply throwing a statue on her. It is absurd even, to think that this cosmic energy powerhouse could die this easily. There is a fan theory out there that suggests that the Illuminati lost because their Wanda never showed the capacity for such power. If I were to believe this theory then this would imply that Carol would have a better chance at stopping Wanda’s rampage than Earth-838.


Carol Danvers of the MCU has the power to absorb and manipulate energy. She is capable of wondrous feats with this energy. This could have been the key to stopping Wanda once and for all. Danvers’ existence in the fight could have changed the outcome completely and that is precisely why she was not in the movie. It is quite funny to think of it that way but it makes a lot of sense. The plot was too strong for Carol to defeat alone.


The Future

Who’s stronger between Wanda and Captain Marvel? It depends on what the plot wants to do with the fight. If they want to make Wanda out to be a terrifying villain as they did in Multiverse of Madness then Wanda will win without a doubt. This fight would most likely be with a powered-down version of Captain Marvel, like the one on 838. Captain Marvel can and should use her energy absorption powers against this Scarlet Witch and pummel her to the ground in a normal scenario.


There is very little Wanda can do against the Binary form of Captain Marvel. Her powers and destructive capabilities far outweigh those of The Scarlet Witch, no matter if she is reasonable or not.

What do you think who’s stronger between Wanda and Captain Marvel? Let us know your answers down in the comments and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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