8 Villains We Want To See In Moon Knight

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is chock full of amazing villains. Any story is only as good as its antagonist and Moon Knight‘s antagonists are a work of art. Both Harrow and Amit have motivations that make a person relate to their cause. Hell, Harrow even made a cult with his teachings. His charismatic presence and ‘can-do’ attitude led to a global harvest of souls. We wonder how many cults and shadow organizations the MCU really has. Regardless, Harrow was killed in the show’s final moments, and we can’t help but wonder what other villains we want to see in Moon Knight season 2.


This may sound strange but Marc’s greatest adversary is one that lives inside his head. Khonshu is not a straight arrow and his methods are questionable, at times. In the latest run of Avengers, Khonshu used the power of the Moon Knight to defeat some of the most powerful Avengers in an attempt to take over the world. It would be fun to see the God of The Knight go scorched earth.


Sun King

Villains we want to see in Moon Knight

The Sun King is the Avatar of the Egyptian God of Sun, Ra. Ra is the father of Khonshu in mythology and both the deities have been at odds with each other for centuries. The Sun King has power over fire and light and has a similar personality disorder to Marc Spector. This makes him the perfect villain to debut in season 2.



Superheroes Will Appear in Morbius

Dracula is a strange character. He has appeared quite frequently in Marvel comics and acted as a villain in a number of stories. Blade has a huge rivalry with this character but he also appears in Moon Knight stories. Fans theorized that Ethan Hawke might be playing the father of vampires but that theory was revealed to be false. Now we think that Dracula might show up in a future season.


Midnight Man

Gaspard Ulliel played Anton Mogart in Moon Knight. He was the art collector from whom MArc and Layla acquired the map to track down Ammit. It is clear that the show makers wanted to use him as the villain Midnight in the future. But because of Gaspard Ulliel’s tragic passing, we expect that the show will introduce Mogart’s son as the new Midnight Man hell-bent on exacting revenge on Moon Knight.


CO Bushman

Bushman gets several mentions in Moon Knight but he does not make an appearance in the show. He was supposed to be the main villain of season 1 but was soon replaced by Harrow. Regardless, we know that the character exists in the MCU and will soon make an appearance in a Moon Knight story somewhere.


Werewolf By Night

Gabriel García Bernal is all set to play Werewolf By Night in MCU’s Halloween Special. This is a character who is imperative to the Moon Knight ethos. Werewolf By Night has been both an ally and a nemesis for Marc Spector. It remains to be seen what role he will take up in the MCU.


Pharoh Rama-Tut

Before the release of Moon Knight, rumors suggested that Pharoh Rama-Tut would be making an appearance in the show. This was soon revealed to be false as the pyramid sequence was actually to get to the tomb of Alexander The Great. Regardless, Tut is actually a Kang variant and he is an extremely dangerous individual.


Stained-Glass Scarlet

Scarlet is a loving mother and a wrathful vigilante, both at the same time. She suffers from the same ailment as Marc but her violent reactions to crime go a bit too far. In fact, when she first met Moon Knight, he was trying to stop her from causing chaos and burning down the city of New York in its entirety.

The above-mentioned are the 8 villains we want to see in Moon Knight? Which villain do you want to see? let us know your answers down in the comments.


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