Game of Thrones: Test Your Knowledge About Houses of Westeros

Attention Game of Thrones Lovers, there is a new Game of Thrones quiz ruling the internet. The quiz from HBO Nordic might as well be the toughest quiz one can ever take on the show. HBO Nordic, the division of the Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, based network is combining labor to make probably the last marketing strategy for Game of Thrones Season 7, before the show hitting the network in July.

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One of the things that the Game of Thrones team has forever been great at are the online quizzes that the team creates. When we have a show which is as deep as GOT, where there is no scarcity of grey characters and beilding storylines, itself creates curiosity amongst the fans to take the test of their fandom.

HBO Nordic recently put up a joint venture with a marketing firm that has gaming as its forte, to design a totally new quiz about Game of Thrones– which totally changes the meaning of the quote “You win or you die.”

Recently, the latest quiz from Leadfamly was released online which the fans can try without paying a penny. The quiz tests the fans’ knowledge about Game of Thrones in a chronological manner of episodes. The thing about this quiz is that it is very challenging because of its nature, by which we mean that the moment one gets an answer wrong, the person is “dead” by the command of King Joffrey and the game gets over. Go HERE to play this Game of Thrones quiz.

It sure is going to be a challenge for the fans to stay alive until the end of season 6. Even the die hard fans will have to hone their skills and their knowledge about the show. But yes, the instant death theme of the game is going to be the George R. R. Martin for the fans playing the game.

Do you feel competent enough to take the test of your knowledge? Let us know in the comments section what you think about the game.

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