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20 Times Fans Trolled Black Bolt From Doctor Strange 2

Black Bolt or Blackagar Bolton is the King of the Inhumans, an offshoot of humanity with enhanced abilities. The Inhuman race was created when the Kree experimented on the Human gene and its ability for latent superpowers. As the King of the Inhumans and the ruler of the Inhuman City of Attillan, He could be considered the strongest Marvel Inhuman ever. Check out the times when fans trolled Black Bolt from Doctor Strange 2:

1. LOL!!


2. Exactly!!

3. What, Where?


4. This Could Be Funny!!

5. Same Energy!


6. Smartness!!

7. Oh Yeah!


8. Oops!!

9. Ultimate Result!


10. Oh No!!

Black Bolt from Doctor Strange 2

11. That’s Right!


12. And It’s Gone!!

13. Looking Very Strong!!


14. You MF!!

15. Got It!!


16. No No!!

17. True!!


18. Perfection!!

19. You Better Do That!


20. Seriously!!

Did you like Black Bolt from Doctor Strange 2? Which of the above Black Bolt meme made you laugh the most? let us know your answers in the comments.

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