10 Unconfirmed Characters That Could Appear In Thor 4 and Surprise Us!

Thor: Love And Thunder movie will be the next evolution in Marvel to the point that we are going to see substantial changes in the MCU after this. With the introduction of a new Thor, the old one can peacefully retire from fighting and we can have brand new character arcs for the new heroes. This will breathe new life and freshness into the MCU. But for that to happen the villain of the movie needs to be defeated first. Gorr is a daunting villain and Thor will need all the help he can get. We still don’t know the full cast of the film so here are the unconfirmed characters that could appear in Thor 4.


The God of mischief was last seen in the TVA looking up at a statue of Kang. He might be unsure of his next move and might choose to escape to the sacred timeline. If that happens then it is more than likely that he will form part of Thor’s team in fighting the God Butcher in the MCU. We just don’t want to see Loki being killed again.


Beta Ray Bill

Facts About Thor Marvel

Bill was one of those people who were deemed worthy of lighting the Mjolnir in the comics. His existence has already been confirmed by a figurine on Sakaar. So it is possible, that like Jane, Beta Ray Bill will wield Mjolnir in Love and Thunder and assist our heroes in taking down Gorr the God butcher.



It has already been confirmed that the Greek Gods will be appearing in the MCU (Russell Crowe’s Zeus is part of the trailer) so it is possible that an old Avenger from the comics will finally make their way on screen. We are talking about the Greek God Hercules. Hercules has been a long-standing rival of Thor in the comics and we think that his appearance in the film could be really interesting.



Since the Guardians of The Galaxy will be a part of the movie, it is possible that their mission of locating Gamora might advance during the events of Love And Thunder. Even if we don’t get to see Zoe Saldana appear in the MCU, there could still be an after-credits scene revealing her location and leading the story right into Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3.


Khonshu And The Ennead

Khonshu is supposed to be freed in the final episode of Moon Knight but we don’t know how any of this will happen with Marc in the field of reeds. However, there is still a possibility that this God Killer will encounter more than one God when he decides to attack New Asgard. To this end, we feel that the Khonshu and Ennead will not stand for a serial God murderer.



Peter Dinklage’s appearance in the MCU made a lot of waves. We hope that we can see the character of Eitri again, and what better way to bring him back than to consult on a hammer that reforged itself on its own. If anyone can figure out the mystery of Mjolnir, it will be Eitri.


Dr. Erik Selvig

Dr. Erik Selvig is probably one of the most crucial characters in the MCU. His presence and intellect are without match and the things he has figured out about space travel and wormholes still have the best scientists in the world perplexed. We feel that he will make an appearance at the summit where Valkyrie will meet the world leaders.


Dr. Darcy Lewis

Characters that could appear in Thor 4

If Jane is to track down the hammer then she will need the help of Darcy. The two are inseparable and we find it hard to imagine that Jane will appear in the MCU without her trusty sidekick. Although, her intern might be out of the picture. Still, it is always nice to see Kat Dennings in the MCU.



Captain Marvel Characters

The king of Muspelheim was destroying Asgard the last time we saw him at the end of Ragnarok. He may have moved on to other things now but we hope to see him again in Love and Thunder. His mighty frame and unbridled power can be a great asset to the heroes if they use it as they did on Hela.


The Grandmaster

Also, last seen in Ragnarok was the Celestial Grandmaster. Since The Celestials are now a canon part of the MCU, it is possible that the Grandmaster will make his return to the MCU with Love And Thunder. He might appear only to set up a future movie or a plotline rather than engage with the plot directly but that is okay.


What are your views on the above-shown characters that could appear in Thor 4? Share your views with us down in the comments.

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