10 Upcoming MCU Characters Who Could Get Their Own Trilogies

The MCU will be crawling with heroes and villains in the coming two Phases. Several new heroes and villains will be getting their own films. Since Marvel usually ends up making trilogies for their heroes, there are several new ones who could also get their own trilogies in the next decade or so:


Marvel’s Eternals will bring a new group of heroes. They have been in hiding, living among us for ages and no one has really spotted them. Heroes like Ikaris, Sersi, Thena, Ajak, and many others will make their debut next year. This film will be set in the present day, but it will also tell the rich history of the MCU. Since one movie alone cannot cover the entire mythos of Eternals, we have to believe that we will get a trilogy at least.


Upcoming MCU Characters Their Own Trilogies

Mahershala Ali has been cast as Marvel’s Erik Brooks aka Blade! The first Blade movie is rumored to have Count Dracula & Vampire by Night as villains. It is highly like that if and when the first film becomes successful, we will get two more Blade movies for sure.


Marvel is pushing for diversity and so, Shang-Chi will pack a 95% Asian cast. Tony Leung will play the Mandarin in the film. The kind of build-up that Shang-Chi seems to be getting, we believe that it will surely be turned into a trilogy.

Black Knight

Upcoming MCU Characters Their Own Trilogies

Kit Harrington has been cast as Dane Whitman aka Black Knight. He’d debut in Eternals. Rumor has it that he’d actually get his own movie with director Guy Ritchie. Marvel is possibly looking at him as someone who could hold his own trilogy. But the catch is that his trilogy could actually include Captain Britain as the co-lead.


Richard Rider aka Nova is said to make his debut in Captain Marvel 2. He’d go on to appear in his solo movie which could include Thanos. And from there on, he’d probably get his own trilogy which could partially be set in space & on Earth.

Fantastic Four 

The Fantastic Four could debut in the MCU as soon as Phase 5. Rumors suggest that we’d actually get to see them in Ant-Man and the Wasp 3. From there on, it is obvious that they will get 3 movies. After all, they could go up against villains like Annihilus, Galactus and Doctor Doom. They will become really important for the MCU once they are introduced.

The X-Men

Upcoming MCU Characters Their Own Trilogies

After their reboot, it is a no brainer that Marvel will make more X-Men movies (at least 2 more). Marvel’s X-Men will be totally different from Fox’s X-Men films. And, we shouldn’t really expect the first X-Men movie to arrive until 2024. Marvel plans to build up the X-Men properly by introducing characters individually in several Phase 4 & Phase 5 projects. Then they will team up together in an X-Men movie.


The Black Widow movie, The Falcon And The Winter Soldier series & the She-Hulk series will set up the Thunderbolts. Baron Zemo, Songbird, Yelena Belova, Ghost, Abomination, Taskmaster, Justin Hammer & Red Hulk are believed to be the members of the team. The Thunderbolts could be Marvel’s answer to DC’s Suicide Squad. So we believe that they’d also get a trilogy for sure. About the first film, rumor has it that The Leader from The Incredible Hulk will be their villain.

Namor the Submariner

Upcoming MCU Characters Their Own Trilogies

The plan for Namor is to make his first appearance as an antagonist in Black Panther 2. But after that, Marvel could definitely give him a solo movie, if not a trilogy. Aquaman’s success will surely motivate them to make more films based on Atlantis. So, it would be safe to assume that Namor will get a trilogy for sure.

Wolverine & Deadpool

Both Wolverine & Deadpool will be major MCU properties. Wolverine can easily hold his own solo trilogy and Deadpool could do the same. But what if they star in multiple duo team-up movies instead? That would be a dream come true. It couldn’t happen while Hugh Jackman was still playing Wolverine. But it could definitely happen now.

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