10 Marvel Characters Who Should Get a Solo Series on Disney+, But Probably Won’t

Marvel Characters Won’t Get Solo Series on Disney+

Marvel is using Disney+ as a medium to explore all the characters that they initially couldn’t explore on the big screen. By now, we’ve seen 23 MCU movies, and so many unique characters have showed up. There are some MCU characters who have been a part of the shared universe for a long time, but they haven’t been fully explored till now. Then there are some new ones who are yet to arrive, but we don’t know when or how they are going to. Following is the list of such characters (old or new) who could easily hold an entertaining TV series on Disney+, but probably won’t be given an opportunity to do so.

War Machine (and Ironheart)

Marvel Characters Gets Solo Series on Disney+

The last two Avengers movies proved that Wanda, Vision, Hawkeye, Loki, Falcon, and the Winter Soldier have all been nothing but supporting characters in the MCU. So to further explore them, Marvel gave them all their own Disney+ shows. The character who should have been given a similar opportunity is none other than James Rhodes aka War Machine. He was once going to get a solo movie. But the plans for that film were dropped. But now, he should be given one final shot at glory. Marvel could give him an exit with a final Disney+ series.

Marvel Characters Gets Solo Series on Disney+

Since they’ve probably been looking for a way to draft Riri Williams into the MCU, the War Machine series could be used for that. Riri Williams is mentored by an A.I. of Tony Stark in the comics. Instead, Rhodey could be the one to mentor her in his Disney+ series. Then she’d be ready to join the Young Avengers and Rhodey could be retired as the Vice President of America. But the chances of this series getting a green light are very low.

Guardians 3000

How the Ravagers Got to the Endgame Battle

Sylvester Stallone’s team of the original Guardians of the Galaxy deserves more exposure. Rumors have suggested that they could return in Captain Marvel 2. But even if they do, their role won’t be huge in that film. Instead, we’d love to see a series based on Starhawk, Martinex, Aleta Ogord, Charlie-27, Mainframe, and Kruger. Through this show, Marvel could explore the new corners of the cosmos in the MCU. But since these characters aren’t as familiar yet, we may not get to see them team up in a series of their own.

Nick Fury

Facts About Nick Fury Marvel

So far, Nick Fury has been a supporting character and ‘the cameo man’ in several movies. But he still hasn’t been fully explored as a character. The MCU has mostly given us the aftermath of his days as director Fury, and Captain Marvel was about his origins. There’s a lot of room to play with what happened between Iron Man & Captain Marvel. But Marvel will probably not go forward with a story about Nick Fury, the Spy. Instead, they might actually use him in films like Spider-Man 3, Captain Marvel 2, and possibly in the rumored SWORD series that is going to arrive on Disney+.

Rocket & Groot

Rocket & Groot have been the most beloved MCU duo since 2014. James Gunn said that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is going to be about Rocket Raccoon. It will be his film all the way, just like Vol. 2 was mostly Star Lord’s movie. So, there’s a chance that Rocket may end up sacrificing himself to save his family. But instead of killing him off, we’d like to see a Rocket & Groot duo series. The idea would be for this show to take place in Groot’s homeworld, Planet X.

Rocket and Groot could be in GROOT MOVIE SPINOFF

Teenage Groot hasn’t been to his homeworld. Since his father was Royalty on his planet, Teenage Groot could also be an heir to the throne of Planet X. So we want to pitch a story that would see Groot, Rocket & possibly even Lylla end up on Planet X after Vol. 3. This way, Groot could grow among his people and Rocket & Lylla could possibly enjoy their “retirement” on the planet. But as Planet X gets threatened by a cosmic villain, the two could team up to save Planet X. It’d be amazing to watch Rocket & Groot in a spin-off series, but the production cost of this series might just blow through the roof. So, Disney may not want to do it.

The Sentry

Dark Avengers MCU

The Sentry is an insanely powerful character. Chances are that he is even more powerful than Superman. We’d love to have a character like him in the MCU, but for him to be a part of the films, the audience must become familiar with him. With a Disney+ series, Marvel could spend a lot of time in exploring the origin of Sentry in the right way. But since Marvel already has their hands full with so many new characters, we shouldn’t expect the Sentry to arrive any time soon, let alone get a Disney+ show.

Titan Eternals

The first Eternals movie will bring a race of immortals who have existed on Earth for centuries without anyone noticing them. But this first film will mostly focus on Earth-based Eternals. The Eternals present on Titan wouldn’t be explored at all. A Titan based Eternals prequel could actually take a deep dive into how the planet fell. That would also allow the exploration of a young Thanos, his brother Starfox, and his parents A’lars and Sui-San. But again, we shouldn’t bet all our money on getting this series.


Odin has only played minor roles in all 3 Thor movies. A series starring a younger (or middle-aged)  actor to play Odin in his younger days would be awesome. We’re a little fuzzy on the history of the MCU. An Odin series could take us back to Asgard, and finally, explore the magical realm in the way that the Thor franchise could not. Also, we’d love to see Odin’s early days of battle and glory with or before Hela. This series could resolve so many MCU mysteries. But like the Titan Eternals show, it may not end up happening.


Marvel Characters Gets Solo Series on Disney+

Valkyrie, the King of New Asgard should definitely get a series of her own after Thor: Love and Thunder. Tessa Thompson and whoever Valkyrie gets married to, will be the lead stars of the show. Even Jane Foster’s Mighty Thor could appear in it. Like Captain Marvel, this series could be divided between exploring the cosmos and simultaneously keeping the battle on Earth. But, the chances of it happening in the near future may be less.

The Kree

Marvel should sanction a series exploring the Kree world of Hala. After watching Captain Marvel, we have tons of unanswered questions. Captain Marvel 2 may not explore Hala, or what its people have been up to all this time. But a TV show based on the Kree could definitely do that. We could get to see more of Ronan, Yon Rogg & the Supreme Intelligence through this series. Let’s wait and see if Marvel will ever give us a cosmic show like this.


Marvel Characters Gets Solo Series on Disney+

Netflix’s Marvel characters will be free to be used in the MCU beyond November 2020. There’s a higher chance that Marvel might introduce them individually. Like Iron Fist could arrive in a sequel to Shang-Chi, Daredevil could appear in Spider-Man 4, and so on. But ultimately, we’d like to see them united as a team of MCU’s street-based heroes. Through Disney+, Marvel could accomplish what Netflix couldn’t with the Defenders. But Marvel is probably teaming up the likes of Blade, Moon Knight, Elsa Bloodstone & the Ghost Rider to be MCU’s team of street fighters. So, the likes of Daredevil & Luke Cage might be added to this team (the Midnight Sons) instead of being turned into Defenders.

Which of the aforementioned ideas do you think should be turned into Disney+ MCU series? Tell us in the comments.

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