Will Miles Morales Be in Spider-Man 4?

No Way Home was brilliant in every way. We got the celebrate three generations of Spider-Men as they all appeared on the screen together with several returning villains. We even got cameos from Matt Murdock and Eddie Brock to go along with that. There were many theories and dreams that came true in this movie. But there were some other subtle theories that didn’t. For instance, we thought that No Way Home will reveal the new owner of the Avengers tower. But that tease of Fantastic Four was left for later. Similarly, we even thought that we’d get a Miles Morales cameo in No Way Home, but that didn’t happen either. But will Miles Morales be in Spider-Man 4?

Homecoming confirmed the existence of Miles through Donald Glover’s Aaron Davis. In a deleted scene, Davis even called Miles on his phone. But ever since then, we haven’t heard about him. Maybe that’s because Sony is running a different franchise with Miles Morales in the lead, and they don’t want to shift people’s focus from that. But many rumours stated that MCU’s Miles had already been cast. And he’d have a cameo in No Way Home. But the only thing that happened was Electro imagining a black Spider-Man in some universe. And with that, many people on the internet are asking whether Miles Morales will be in Spider-Man 4.


Will Miles Morales be in Spider-Man 4

Well, this Spider-Man of colour is definitely going to become an integral part of the MCU as well. Sony has already confirmed that Peter Parker will get another trilogy in the MCU which will feature his college years. And Spider-Man 4 is already under work. But since Marvel and Sony have to hire a new director for this one, maybe we won’t see it arrive until July 2024 or perhaps even December 2024. It will allow Marvel and Sony ample time to get things right after a big film like No Way Home.


The way I see it, there are several possibilities for what could happen in Spider-Man 4. The likes of Scorpion, JJJ, Kingpin, and several others could be the antagonists in these movies. Ned could finally become Hobgoblin. Heroes like Daredevil and Deadpool could also team up with Spider-Man. But there are two important matters in the Spider-Man franchise that need immediate attention. The first was the set-up that Eddie Brock left us with. As he was being pulled back to his universe, he left some Venom goo in the MCU. Now, this symbiote particle could give us many amazing crossovers in the MCU like Venompool, or a Venomized Captain Marvel.


But think about it for a second. Venom is a Sony property. And this set-up came at the end of a Spider-Man movie. So, it’s highly likely that it was a tease for Spider-Man 4. Right before Eddie was pulled out, he talked about seeing Spider-Man in New York. Now maybe that’s what the little Symbiote would do. And through this, we could get the real black suit Spider-Man through a symbiote pair up. This can’t happen directly in Spider-Man 5 right? We cannot have an entirely new movie with a part of the Venom Symbiote roaming around in the background while Spider-Man does his own thing.


But another pressing matter that the Spider-Man franchise has to address is the introduction of Miles. His arrival also cannot be pushed to Spider-Man 5. That way, he probably would have grown much older than he is supposed to be as Spider-Man. So, the way I see it, there are two ways Sony’s next Spider-Man movie could handle these matters. One of these will be the driving force of Spider-Man 4, while the other will be set up for Spider-Man 5. Part 4 could be about Peter Parker’s internal battle when he comes in contact with the black symbiote goo.


Meanwhile, Miles could be introduced, and we might even get to see him be bit by a radioactive spider at the end. That would be a cliffhanger that will need solving in Spider-Man 5. Or Marvel could invert this narrative choice as Peter’s new alliance with Miles could be the driving force of Part 4. We never got to see Peter’s origin in the MCU. So maybe we could see a Spidey origin through Miles getting bit in Spider-Man 4. Then, Peter Parker would take him under his wing, and become his mentor throughout the film.


Meanwhile, the Venom symbiote could perhaps make its way from Mexico to New York, and latch onto Peter at the very end. This could be the cliffhanger that leads us to the Black Suit Spider-Man in part 5. And, by turning Miles Morales into Spider-Man in Part 4, Sony and Marvel could set up their own trilogy separate from Holland’s Peter Parker. Then, Sony could launch his movies in the years when Holland’s movies aren’t coming out. They’d be done with the Spider-Verse trilogy by 2023. So, whatever narrative they’ll choose for Spider-Man 4 from 2024, will definitely involve Miles Morales.

I hope we were able to answer your doubts. Are you excited to see Miles Morales in the MCU? Let us know your thoughts and preferences in the comments.


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