Why The MCU Has Not Made A Hulk Movie After The Incredible Hulk

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I believe that MCU has massively overlooked the Incredible Hulk. We received one Hulk solo movie 14 years ago, and since then, total silence. Yes, Dr Banner and Hulk have gone on to appear in 8 MCU movies, but appearing in others’ movies as a supporting character doesn’t count as a solo movie, does it? But we can’t blame Marvel Studios for that, considering that they don’t own the character distribution rights. But it is so much more than that! Follow the post to know why Marvel stopped making Hulk movie after The Incredible Hulk: Captain Marvel Theory The Avengers Tesseract

When Marvel Studios came up with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they headlined it with Iron Man and then followed with some of their more popular entries, aka Hulk. and came up with 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, and ended up creating the biggest disaster of all time. They have repeatedly admitted that they owe this failure to the creative difference between the director, the actors, the production studios and the distribution studios. While they seem to have this problem under control now, they never tried to reboot the Hulk franchise. Instead, they even recast the actor.


Meanwhile, the Studios have never disclosed the reason why they don’t make more movies on one of their most popular characters. But we think that we know why. And it is not only because the Universal Studios still own the distribution rights. So, let’s start at this theory and see what is the reason that marvel is not making another Hulk movie:



While being a fan-favourite character in the comics, Hulk has always been a profitable character for Marvel in live-action too. The Incredible Hulk-TV series(1978) was the first time Hulk was adapted into live-action. And it was a super hit. The show’s popularity put Hulk’s character around the same lines as Batman, Superman and Spider-Man. The show featured Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno as the two sides of the character who went on to play the character in many live-action movies as well. All this time, Marvel owned all rights to the character but had to give them up in the 1990s, to avoid bankruptcy.


When Universal Studios produced and distributed the 2003’s Hulk movie, it earned the rights to the character. But their inability to make a sequel helped Marvel to secure the production rights to the character. But Universal owned the distribution rights and controlled how many theatres will air the movie. And this leads them to make a deal similar to the one that Marvel and Sony made for Spider-Man. But it was never as successful as the Marvel-Sony deal. And as the 2008’s The Incredible Hulk’s failure proves, it was as problematic as it gets.



You have to remember the fact that even if this deal turns into a little less complex, Marvel wouldn’t make another Hulk movie. It is because of the character’s inner darkness that will be a lot hard to portray in a new MCU movie, considering how they have started to rely on light humour for the success of the movie. So, in this scenario, do e want a funny Hulk movie? Or do we want Marvel to let the viewers in the emotional turmoil that is Banner’s mind?


Hulk movie after The Incredible Hulk

If you want the latter, join the club. Because Hulk fans have been wanting a dark-toned Hulk movie ever since they hinted at the troubled Dr Bruce Banner in 2012’s Avengers. He was remembering a time when he tried to kill himself. While many viewers dismissed this dialogue amidst the overall tension, we didn’t. This line perfectly hinted at what someone in Banner’s shoes would try to do. And we want to see more about where that came from. But as Marvel steers the MCU into a more funny side, a good, dark Hulk movie seems improbable. And just how many funny Hulk appearances can fans bear?



Hulk is one of those characters who, despite being treated poorly, has a huge fanbase. In one of his interviews, Mark Ruffalo mentioned that he was given a choice where either he would get a Hulk movie, or his character will have to undergo character development in subsequent movies. Needless to say, he chose the latter. And by what we saw in his three recent appearances, starting from Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel seems to be upholding that deal. And it’s surprising how people wait for every scene he is in, even if he doesn’t even have his solo movie.


So, now that Hulk has gone through so much since his first film, it’s really hard to say that Marvel will think about another Hulk movie. But this doesn’t mean that we should not hope to see the character in the upcoming MCU movies. It’s great to see what Marvel has done with Hulk’s character, even though they don’t completely own that character. And now that they are even including another Hulk in the MCU in the form of Jennifer Walters, Banner’s cousin, in the upcoming Disney+’s She-Hulk. So, even if we don’t see Hulk in his solo movie, She-Hulk will surely satisfy Hulk fans.



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