Who Plays The Hippo Goddess in Moon Knight? “Taweret ” Explained

Disney+’s Moon Knight’s fourth episode is finally out, and we doubt that it could have gotten any better. Fans have been calling this show the best Marvel series of all time, and the new episode proves them right! The new episode wandered into some new territories, presumably in Marc’s head. And these new territories entail some new characters and one of them was Tawaret, an Egyptian god with a body of a crocodile. Many fans don’t understand her role, given her short appearance. The voice actress explains her hippo goddess role in interviews, and we think her role is more than you thought.

The fourth episode picked up right after the previous instalment left, with Khonshu gone and Marc and Layla on their own. They wander Ammitt’s tomb in search of her ushabti that the Gods used to imprison her and is the key to her resurrection. Steven’s immense knowledge of ancient history wasn’t difficult for him to find it. But just as he finds it, Marc takes over, Harrow shoots him, and he falls into a golden pool of water. The next scene features Marc in a mental asylum where we see the Hippo lady for the first time.



The Hippo lady, or as Egyptian scholars would call her, Tawaret, is the Goddess of childbirth and fertility. We knew the mental asylum plotline from the 2016 Moon Knight run, but nowhere does it mention Tawaret. Not only that, Tawaret has no mention in the entirety of Marvel comics and is unique to the live-action. So to judge her role this soon would be unfair to the character. But by now, we know that her role is far more significant than a mere cameo.


And her voice actress, Antonia Salib, hinted at it herself. Check out what she had to say

I think with having the time with a series, you’re really able to explore all these different characters and the emotional journey that Steven and Marc (Isaac) are going through and you really flesh it out. Personally, it felt like such a collaborative process, which was brilliant for such a big organization. From the moment when I read the scenes when I was auditioning to when I started working with the director Mohamed Diab and the costume team to VFX, it felt like I was given license to create my character and everyone was on board together.


Hippo Goddess in Moon Knight

For viewers, her short role in the fourth episode was far more important to understand the events of the episode. Before her appearance, almost everyone thought that the mental asylum sequence was real. And everything we saw in the first 3 episodes was in Marc’s head. We were even ready to believe that Harrow was nothing but a psychiatrist, but Tawaret’s appearance cleared the mist. Her supernatural appearance confirmed what we doubted, that all of this was an elaborate illusion set to further break Marc’s and Steven’s heads. And by what Salib has revealed, this is not the only time her character will bless the screens.



In 2016’s Moon Knight run, it took a lot of Marc’s powers to break free of the asylum and the dimension it was in. And as amateur as Marc and Steven is in the MCU, it wouldn’t seem odd if the Gods helped him, considering they now know how close Harrow’s plan is to fruition. And it’s not the first time that a Goddess has helped the avatar of Khonshu. He might be one ladies-God. So there is a possibility that just like Hathor’s avatar helped Marc, Tawaret might be there to help them too. She might overpower Harrow and help Marc and Steven break out of the prison.


Along the way of this theory, we also need to consider the possibility that Tawaret is here to sabotage Marc’s escape. The series has well established that the list of Ammit’s followers is never-ending and Tawaret might be just another name on that list. Even if it isn’t true, it might be possible that she is yet another illusion orchestrated by Harrow. It is too soon to point your finger at one of these theories. So we have to keep both of them until the next episode drops because Tawaret isn’t going anywhere soon. After all, her voice confirmed it herself.

What are your thoughts on the Hippo Goddess in Moon Knight? We want to know about your thoughts in the comments box below.


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